December 1

Gift 1

From Brave Leap Member

Alina Barna

Do you know how it feels when you discover an IG account with a good vibe in it? 

Images are energy and emotion and this is why they connect directly to our minds, without us saying a single word…

Taking pictures that feel like: “Yes! This is me! That’s exactly what I wanted to show for my brand and business!” 

can really be an easy and joyful job, like learning to ride a bike… And the best thing? The skills will stay with you forever.


My name is Alina Barna, I am a brand and lifestyle photographer and my winter surprise to you is a fun and awesome images quizz.

It comes with practical tips and simultaneously an awesome brainstorming exercise. 

Making things easy for us is truly an act of self-love and it will save you time and energy each time you take pictures for your brand and business.

PS. There is an invitation inside for an interactive week on creating soul aligned images for your brand and business!


Alina Barna

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