December 14

Gift 18

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Marjolein Doesburg


Shine your true 1001 colours

You have a question. You feel that you are stuck somewhere, you keep encountering similar situations, not sure which way to go, so many choices, objections too. And just as many possibilities.

What is actually the question you really want and need to ask yourself?

 The question is: what is holding you back? What makes your boat seem to be at a standstill for a while. Is it waiting to shelter from the storm that may not come, or which will have a completely different effect than you fear?

What is the price of doing nothing, staying where you are in your ‘safe zone’?

By booking a Soul Blueprint Session (English or Dutch) we deep-dive together into your souls history and true purpose, your blueprint.
You’ll get your personal roadmap, so you’re able to read the signs of your life path, to be fully equipped to recognise which choices are yours.

Marjolein Doesburg


Marjolein Doesburg

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