December 15

Gift 19

From Brave Leap Member

Judith Müller

Your starter kit to create a super flexible notebook for all your ideas, thoughts, plans and projects!


Do you still prefer pen and paper for planning and writing things down instead of using a mobile phone or tablet? 

Then this is for you, especially if you are one of these creative persons who always have their mind full of ideas and projects!

As a perfect tool to capture everything that swirls around in your head, I make notebooks that are both beautiful and practical and can easily be adapted to your personal preferences.

Thanks to their special binding system, they are super flexible: You can rearrange pages, take off what is not needed anymore, and add new pages wherever you like. Or a calendar. Or lists, pictures, and everything else you find useful or inspiring.
And because they are made by hand with beautiful Japanese silk screened paper and colourful cardboard, they are also a pleasure to look at and a joy to write in!

To celebrate the opening of my etsy-shop, I have a special offer for you!
When you buy a notebook, you get a 70% discount on a big envelope full of dividers, colored paper, a three-months-sample of calendar templates, and a lot more! 

Just click to the link below and get your coupon code for your starter kit – and get everything to start creating your very personal environment for all your thoughts, ideas and projects!



Judith Müller

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