December 16

Gift 20

From Brave Leap Member

Natasha Wardle

Happiness – the best present you can gift yourself! Brave Coach Natasha, show’s you how.


Do you want to experience more happiness in your life right now?
Let me ask you, how much happiness can you take?
What would life be like if you knew you were able to find you’re happy whenever you wanted to?
Did you know that the key to your happiness and contentment is way closer than you think.

It’s YOU!

It’s really true what they say, Happiness is an inside job.
This self-coach workbook by Brave Happiness & Success Coach, Natasha will show you how,
in 5 simple steps, you can unlock a brighter, lovelier, happier you in 2022.

Natasha Wardle

The Presence Coach


Natasha Wardle

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