December 20

Gift 24

From Brave Leap Member

Ragna Gudjons


It’s time to enjoy this wonderful magical meditative journey within, coming to you from Iceland.


My gift to you is a magnificent meditation that comes from the hills of Úlfarsfell Hill/Mountain (It means Wolf’s Hill/Mountain) on the skirt of Reykjavík, Iceland. When meditating in nature we tend to go much deeper into the meditation and this meditation is such meditation.

All you need is a place to sit and your breath. Make it extra comfortable and calming by placing a scarf or a blanket over your shoulders.

Are you ready to let go of the Holiday stress and anxiety?

Then take a deep breath and join me on this amazing journey. I’ll guide you the whole way from the beautiful Icelandic hills.

Get ready to settle within and feel that calm and peace that lives inside of you.

Love from Iceland,


Ragna Gudjons

(The Icelandic Queen of Calm)

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