December 7

Gift 9

From Brave Leap Member

Elif Tepebasi

I will show you how to identify your triggers where you lose total control of your emotions and hate yourself!


I am an energy healer.
I read, speak, teach energy language.
It was the last thing I would have expected to become.
I work with highly sensitive, multi passionate, magical women from all over the world like you.

Going through lot of difficult episodes of in my life, I have discovered the mystic and healer inside of me.
During that journey my personal experiences, challenges and healing them developed the my modalities.

I believe in simplicity.
Therefore, I would like to gift this simple infographic which you can implement to daily life and start healing.
You can stat seeing each challenge as an opportunity to heal and build an intimate relationship with yourself.

What a wonderful time for letting go of the past and heal.

Elif Tepebasi


Elif Tepebasi

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