December 9

Gift 11

From Brave Leap Founder

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain


It’s MY gift!! And I couldn’t be more happy to give it to you. ​

3 Years ago I made a vow that I would inspire and empower 5,000 women to unapologetically love and accept themselves. So that those 5,000 women could inspire 10 others (or more!) to do the same. I envisioned mothers looking their daughters or sons in the eye, telling them that they are wonderful and enough no matter what. That it’s okay to like super models and celebrities, but that who they are, what they feel and look like is beautiful and unique.

So my ripple effect project became The Self Love Success Club and that’s what my gift is all about.

Because I see women sharing their brightest light with the world, maybe with trembling knees, but doing it anyway. Because they have the tools to deal with perfectionism, imposter syndrome, self-doubt and feeling small. I want to provide that place. Because I know hiding, perfectionism, and self-doubt from the inside. I know what it feels like to fit in until you completely stop believing that there’s anything special about you. I also know the way out and what happens when you have found your purpose. It’s wonderful! That’s why I want you to experience the same.

All my love,

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain
​Self Love advocate and founder of the Self Love Success Club​




This gift to you has two parts​

✔︎ Part One is my Magic Month Journal that helps you to work through obstacles like self-doubt, perfectionism, feelings of low self-worth so that your month can by truly magic. (Watch the video and download the Journal pdf)



Part Two of the gift


✔︎ Part Two is a 98% discount coupon for your first month in the Self Love Success Club. Instead of 47 Euro, you only pay 1 Euro (yes that’s € 46 Euro in your pocket!) for your first Month.

​For your 1 Euro you get access to all our programs and support in the Club AND you can join the Abundant Self Love Experience in January where you will experience that loving yourself leads to more money, clients, bigger dreams, and a whole different level of joy.

► The Self Love Success Club empowers women to practice self-love, build confidence, open doors to abundance. Let happiness and well-being flourish. End the cycle of negative behaviors and replace that with healthy practices so that your cup will runneth over *and you can overcome every obstacle.

This is the membership for women who are infusing their life with personal growth and happiness. It’s better than the Spa.
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Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

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