Before you start the quiz

Understanding your Business Persona is like having 24/7 Access to Your Personal Inner Business Coach!


1. Read this BEFORE you start the Assessment.



Your Primary Business Persona is a reflection of you Right Now at This Moment. It shows you your strengths, your obstacles and your natural – ever present – energy.

Your Primary Business Persona comes with a Workbook that will help you to discover and utilize your strengths, energy, and challenges.

However, you might fully step into your HeartSmart Professor powers at a business meeting and wrap yourself into your Focus Queen Magic when you teach your clients about Pinterest.

You are not a One Dimensional Woman. Your Primary Persona is the persona that feels the most natural to you, but you need to fully understand the other personas as well. Because the Visionary Dreamer will help you to come up with new ideas, your Inner Local Hero will help you to connect to the people around you and your inner Focus Queen will help you persevere when the going get’s tough.
Your Business Persona will help you to ditch the struggle and help you to start working The Brave Way!


2. This is not a Random Assessment


The 5 Persona’s and this ​assessment are Based on Real Strengths and Obstacles of Thousands of Brave Business Owners I’ve Worked with. They are designed to Make you Fall in Love with Yourself and your Business All Over Again!
Because Entrepreneurship is AmazingAnd So Are Youyou Don’t Have to Do it All By Yourself.


​3. Three Steps to Huge Change


Take a deep breath and pick the answer that stands out for you. It might not be The Perfect Answer.
That’s okay.
Just pick one.


After you have taken the Assessment you see your result. You will be led to the page with your workbook.



You are NOT a One Dimension Personality. You have many facets. Even though you have 1 Primary business persona, the other 4 types are EQUALLY IMPORTANT.
“You can be the Focus Queen in the Morning and the Visionary Dreamer in the evening.”
Take the Assessment to find out how you can totally change the way you run your business.


There is no wrong or right. Just follow your heart. Read first, click second. If at any time you want to change your answer, hit the “previous” button and make the change.