Why Embracing your Unique Personal Style will Bring in more Clients

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You will learn:

1. How to leverage your unique style
2. Why being authentic always pays off.
3. Why consistency is Queen!
4. How you can be easily recognizable
5. The three R’s of Personal Branding

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It’s the personal style that was possibly yours since the moment you were born. The way you move, you talk and you make people feel. Once you can clearly see it, you can leverage it as a unique (and totally free!) way to communicate with your audience. 

The more you are aware of your unique personal style the easier it becomes to show up and ‘woo’ your clients. It’s something you can’t copy. You can try to be Madonna, but you will never be Madonna. You will always be someone who is copying Madonna.
Your personal style is not something you can learn, but something you need to recognize! And no one can copy you!

It’s all about the three R’s: Recognisable, Relatable and Rememberable!

The fastest way to see if your brand is firmly rooted on the Three R’s is to go through your social media threads. Look at it as if you’ve got no idea who she is. And ask yourself: Do I relate? Do I recognize her? Will I remember her?


Learn how your personal style is always with you


Everyone has a unique personal style.

By consciously leveraging that style in your brand you attract your soul clients. Beyonce does it, Oprah does it, and every entrepreneur has to do it. So you as well! But it all starts with recognizing that you already have a unique style!

Your unique style is free and it’s always with you. It’s not about being picture perfect, but about being real and authentic.


#A. Look around today. Look at your book shelves, your kitchen, your clothes, your bag (and the content) your social media etc.

#B. Go through your Instagram or Facebook and see how you show up. Look at your face, your posture, your colors etc.

They all bear your Unique Style. Remember the quote by Maya Angelou? (Yes, of course that quote is in the VIDEO. ) Angelou said that people will not remember what you said or did.
They will remember how you made them feel!

#C. Look at your, surroundings, your house, your clothes and yourself with kind eyes and a curious mind. (Don’t go into: Oh, my what a mess! mode) And ask yourself:

“Who is this woman? Do I trust her?
What would it feel like to be in her environment?
How would sitting at her kitchen table help me? Is this someone who I would pay to support me?
Would I buy a product from her? Does my audience know that this is what my life looks like?
Is this reflected in my website? In my social media?”

Ask yourself: Am I hiding or am I showing up?


Learn who’s hair flip this is. And how recognizability will change your business


Once you have been able to clearly leverage your personal style it will become much more easy to communicate with your audience. The more you are aware of your uniqueness the easier it becomes.

It’s something nobody can copy! You can try to be Madonna, but you will never be Madonna. You will always be someone who is copying Madonna.


Learn from Dutch Queen Beatrix that consistency is Queen!


Once you ‘get your unique personal style’ you repeat, repeat, repeat!

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