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On this page you will find all the recordings for the BRAVE LEAP meeting calls.



MEETING CHAT SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 (Click to se the chat)

00:01:41 Alina Barna: Hello! Listening for now! ❤️
00:06:12 Elif Tepebasi: Sarah: JK Rowling talks about epic failure, she says I could finally be true to myself and I have no where to hide but be successful.Then after losing everything she write Harry Potter.
00:06:47 Sara Parenti: Love that, Elif!
00:07:11 Elif Tepebasi: She has this epic failure talk in commencement of Harvard.
00:07:39 Shirley Ann Aphrodite: My favorite words from JK Rowling Elif!
00:07:54 Elif Tepebasi: Yes:)
00:09:50 Elif Tepebasi: I love this! I am the mother of my business.
00:10:22 Georgie: Love you Sarah I believe in you and your artistic mission. This is the beginning and I can’t wait for my special bag ❤️❤️❤️❤️
00:13:07 Liz Hickey: What did you hope to achieve personally Sarah?
00:18:30 Ines: There are no failures in life, only lessons to learn.
00:18:36 Ines: Oprah
00:22:43 Elif Tepebasi: We are all expats on this earth, this is my feeling:)
00:30:31 Georgie: Happy for you to message me Sandy! Maybe we can do something together 🥰
00:32:45 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: /thanks Georgie! xx
00:36:16 Alina Barna: 5 steps to attract your ideal client with your inages?
00:46:42 Elif Tepebasi: I use wasp with my clients, but they are 1-1:)
00:47:05 Sara Parenti: I’m actually here because a looong time ago (maybe) I subscribed to a lead magnet of Esther and… after a year 😅 I started to read her e-mails and immediately registered to Shine Daringly
00:47:12 Georgie: I write just a monthly email on the same day of the month that is a letter/story style. I can imagine that would be lovely for you Liz! Maybe you could copy and paste social posts to a monthly email?
00:47:37 Alina Barna: Liz you need a podcast
00:47:38 Sara Parenti: Love that. Georgie!
00:47:44 Elif Tepebasi: I like this monthly email Georgie.
00:48:19 Elif Tepebasi: Sara: Where did you find the lead magnet of Esther? Fb?
00:48:22 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: I agree, its hard work, out our zone of genius, to create and look after an email list.
00:49:28 Sara Parenti: I don’t remember! 🤣 I only know I saw her e-mail and read it maybe for the second time after a long time and it was… wow! 😍
00:50:08 Elif Tepebasi: Sara: Thank you:)
00:50:15 Sara Parenti: 🙏
00:50:57 Elif Tepebasi: This is the mindset I really want to adapt. Repurpose and market vs create new.
00:52:57 Georgie: It works so well for me Ines, so I recommend! Also my audience know exactly when they’ll hear from me so there’s a momentum each month building up to it. Like a mini launch!
00:53:58 Georgie: Oooh so beautiful my Shirley. Like your favourite magazine too 🥰🥰🥰🥰
00:55:41 Ines: Great Georgie, Brilliant idea, thank you!
00:57:52 Shirley Ann Aphrodite: Yes Georgie! Like our favorite magazines!
00:58:54 Beata Micialkiewicz: I do not know where to sell and what my niche is:(
01:00:45 Elif Tepebasi: I agree
01:01:38 Elif Tepebasi: I have to leave, thank you very much
01:02:46 Georgie: I just told my audience Ines so I didn’t have a strategy 🙈😅
01:04:19 Liz Hickey: Ines could you have a monthly theme?
01:04:44 Liz Hickey: Esther, what aspects of your business are automated?
01:05:49 Ines: Yes, I thimk one email once every 2 weeks could work for me, thanks Giorgie and Liz.
01:10:55 Liz Hickey: Shirley Ann, would it be a good idea to say ‘prices start at $xxxxx depending on size, details and personalisation’
01:11:01 Georgie: The princesses are sooo magical 🥰🥰🥰🥰
01:12:09 Liz Hickey: Yes, Georgie, the princesses are fabulous. Do they need their own Instagram World Shirley Ann, with links everywhere to this.
01:13:02 Shirley Ann Aphrodite: Thank you so much My Queen. I like the idea of “starting from….”
01:13:22 Shirley Ann Aphrodite: Thank you Georgie My Princess! I’m so excited!
01:18:30 Liz Hickey: Sandy, could you run courses, or get others to run courses during the week in your guesthouse?
01:24:56 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: yes liz, that is something I want to work on for next year.
01:26:17 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: sorry, I need to run. thanks everyone. see you again soon. xxx
01:27:13 Liz Hickey: A Christmas Gift that will last forever
01:32:28 Liz Hickey: And your products are so wonderful Ivana
01:34:08 Beata Micialkiewicz: Sorry 🙂 I am at work
01:36:37 Liz Hickey: Mirjam, can you do your healings online? Or do you have to be present with people?
01:41:09 Georgie: Mirjam there’s an amazing YouTube channel called Jonna Jinton. She records the ice singing 🥰
01:41:46 Alina Barna: Mirjiam, you can do sounds of ice in winter
01:41:51 Liz Hickey: Like a 3 minute escape
01:42:06 Alina Barna: I heard that and it is amazing
01:42:21 Georgie:
01:42:24 Alina Barna: you need a recorder
01:42:28 Alina Barna: sound one
01:42:36 Alina Barna: it is afordable
01:42:45 Alina Barna: for wond and all
01:42:55 Georgie: That’s a Jonna Jinton example 🙂
01:43:21 Liz Hickey: Mirjam, what about a YouTube channel to capture it all in one place
01:43:54 Liz Hickey: Some video and some pictures with sound
01:43:54 Alina Barna: Yes! so much inspiration from jonna jinton ❤️
01:44:47 Liz Hickey: Just send people links, who might book, who have booked, its like a different type of communication
01:45:05 Georgie: But that sort of inspired nature sounds etc 🙂
01:46:25 Liz Hickey: Can you create the coolest virtual retreat Mirjam?
01:46:25 Alina Barna: who?
01:47:20 Liz Hickey: So you invite us to visit Iceland virtually, with healing, sound, poetry, text


We are so sorry everyone that the Mindset Call recording malfunctioned. Natasha has redone the ‘Meditation for Connecting, Centering and Alignment’ and created a summary of one of the exercises that was done on the call. You can listen to the Meditation below, and download the summary pdf file using the download button.


Meditation for Connecting, Centering and Alignment

by Natasha Wardle | Brave Leap


MEETING CHAT SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 (Click to se the chat)

00:09:10 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Sounds awesome Janka!
00:10:21 Beata Micialkiewicz: I will ask questions here as I am at work:)
00:13:06 Liz Hickey: Terms and conditions
00:21:01 Marjolein van Braam Morris: And something about lazy launching? 😀
00:23:58 Maria: My daughter suspects she is an ADHD. And she also thinks she has inherited it from me 😉
00:29:59 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I too find it hard to promote two activities/programmes/workshops at the same time…
00:33:33 Beata Micialkiewicz: From workbook:how important is blogging? What does it mean – Is it optimized for YouTube? from video section, How important is speaking part to grow business? How to implement it?
00:37:11 Liz Hickey: Glenny, your glasses are fabulous. You look very well if I may say.
00:37:40 Marjolein van Braam Morris: And use the cards during the book ‘course’!
00:38:14 Liz Hickey: Glenny, can you show up on your FB page and pick a card each week, for example?
00:38:30 Marjolein van Braam Morris: That’s a wonderful idea Liz!
00:38:59 Beata Micialkiewicz: I don’t have website yet:(((
00:39:09 Glenny Sijlbing: Liz thank you, yes I did that in my FB group,
00:40:25 Marjolein van Braam Morris: you mean?
00:40:47 Marjolein van Braam Morris: LinkedIn articles!
00:41:35 Marjolein van Braam Morris: You can put video on your website, as blogs!
00:42:07 Stephanie Fiteni: Videos can be repurposed into blogs very easily and also social media posts
00:42:40 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Yes! That’s what I meant Stephanie!
00:43:31 Marjolein van Braam Morris: And what about when/If you are banned…
00:44:16 Marjolein van Braam Morris: You van use Very affordable
00:44:22 Marjolein van Braam Morris: van=can
00:45:36 Susanne Höhne – Beuteltier Art Galerie: The size and description with Keywords in YouTube channel
00:45:46 Susanne Höhne – Beuteltier Art Galerie: Mean size / Video Format.
00:45:53 Beata Micialkiewicz: OK I will remind
00:46:21 Stephanie Fiteni: How do you mean banned? @Marjolein
00:46:51 Alexandra Antok: Do you mean a text in the description part?
00:47:04 Alexandra Antok: And keywords?
00:47:37 Marjolein van Braam Morris: If you lose access to your IG account, or FB page, did not happen to me but I saw some people who had problems with accessing their account.
00:48:09 Marjolein van Braam Morris: If you depend solely on what you put on 3rd party platforms, I think that is a risk…
00:48:09 Stephanie Fiteni: Yes I had some clients that lost their Facebook group and also IG account
00:48:28 Stephanie Fiteni: It helps to have your site as an alternative way to get clients because we don’t own social media
00:49:08 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Exactly. And that is why blogging/content on your own website is so important…
00:51:03 Sarah Spagnuolo: The Animal International Day is the 4th of October, you could use it
00:52:28 Liz Hickey: Could you do a monthly ‘special’ for each one describing it on video and why you bought it and what you love about it Susanne
00:55:15 Susanne Höhne – Beuteltier Art Galerie: Thank you Sarah and Liz, those are great ideas!
00:55:48 Alexandra Antok: Same here !
00:57:26 Janka: Do you get clients from Pinterest, Esther?
00:58:10 Liz Hickey: Alina taught us that every Pinterest page can have key words and that each pin can have a click link to your website or blog
00:58:34 Janka: aha, ok, thank you
00:58:47 Sarah Spagnuolo: My experience is very strange: I have one pin that generate 87000 impressions per months and just outbound clic…so Pinterest works? …Uhm…also other people told me that the analytics are totally not reliable
00:59:20 Janka: Thank you, Liz. I did not know that.
00:59:45 Sarah Spagnuolo: I would say 87000 impressions and just 3 clicks per month…
01:00:02 Alexandra Antok: I write my post in google doc before so ui can keep them
01:00:27 Susanne Höhne – Beuteltier Art Galerie: I know some People who are really successful generate traffic with Pinterest. I just started one week ago to try Pinterest beside Instagram
01:01:27 Ragna – Ragnheiður Guðjónsdóttir: That sounds great 🙂
01:01:32 Liz Hickey: Or each work on what we are avoiding, but in the energy of good company
01:01:36 Ines: I’m in
01:01:45 Maria: OK I am in too!
01:03:13 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I was thinking one day a month… 😬
01:03:48 Liz Hickey: I think a two hour session or at most half a day, but on Zoom where we can communicate with each other
01:06:22 Marjolein van Braam Morris: @Liz yes! Or a day to work ON your business instead of IN the business… Could be content, or sales pages or whatever. In good company and somewhat accountable.
01:08:49 Liz Hickey: Sounds great Marjolein. To me, even more useful than having just one buddy who may or may not understand what I am actually trying to achieve.
01:09:24 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Yes, exactly! Just jump in and work on something. Together 😄
01:09:43 Liz Hickey: I am in Marjolein
01:11:47 Liz Hickey: Alina is also the person in this group who has a great programme and a free group on photography and I know what she has taught me has really influenced my photography and what I share too. She is always happy to have a chat with anyone.
01:15:47 Liz Hickey: But so many of us need your help Stephanie as many of us have gaps in how we show up
01:18:53 Maria: Maybe it can be the downsell?
01:18:57 Liz Hickey: Stephanie, between your bootcamp and signature course can you offer a weekly paid support group for say 6 weeks, so that people who get stuck on the little details have an advice group to check in with and continue to make progress?
01:20:48 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 30 people in the signature course
01:26:39 Alexandra Antok: One a 1:1 call?
01:27:57 Liz Hickey: Stephanie, bring your selling issue to the first call with Natasha here in the group – she is great at helping us break through what is holding us back.
01:31:43 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I need to leave ladies, thank you so much and see you later!
01:33:14 Janka: I have to leave, thank you all. See you soon.
01:41:16 Ines: I have to leave too. Thank you Esther and everyone.
01:45:25 Liz Hickey: What about 3 nights or 5 nights or 7 nights and the longer they stay it is more financially attractive for them
01:46:29 Liz Hickey: A Heal your Soul package
01:47:08 Ragna – Ragnheiður Guðjónsdóttir: It can be optional to take part in activities. It’s available or they can stay by themselves if they want to.
01:49:30 Liz Hickey: Can you give the Agencies a ‘package’ to sell for you, so it is not just accommodation
01:50:12 Susanne Höhne – Beuteltier Art Galerie: Dear ladies, I enjoyed our call. I have to leave now, have a great week!
01:51:19 Liz Hickey: Mirjam, are the offerings part of your personal brand, you the link with the nature spirits, the other wonderful activities


MEETING CHAT SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 (Click to se the chat)

00:02:26 Arati: hi dears! I can’t find the right camera yet hehe
00:03:01 Arati: it will come I hope
00:05:24 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain:
00:15:44 Arati: its new! hhaha
00:19:18 Alexandra Antok: Hi every one, I’ve missed the beginning, what is it about there?
00:42:44 Rachel Extance:
00:42:59 Rachel Extance: I hadn’t come across them but I think I’m going to be hooked.
01:00:32 Stephanie Fiteni | Content Strategist & SEO Coach for coaches and Online Entrepreneurs: That sounds amazing Angelika – very curious to hear more
01:01:24 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Sounds awesome Angelika!
01:01:32 Ines: effortless
01:01:47 Alexandra Antok: I totally see you Angelika and totally relate
01:02:23 Sara Parenti: That seems Amazing, Angelika!
01:02:28 Stephanie Fiteni | Content Strategist & SEO Coach for coaches and Online Entrepreneurs: Sounds like there are a lot of people here who find it hard to follow rules 🙂 you have a tough job @Esther
01:02:41 Stephanie Fiteni | Content Strategist & SEO Coach for coaches and Online Entrepreneurs: That includes me too 🙂
01:02:48 Rachel Extance: I love that Esther attracts the rule-breakers!
01:03:06 Stephanie Fiteni | Content Strategist & SEO Coach for coaches and Online Entrepreneurs: Yes so true 🙂 @Rachel
01:03:25 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Noted!
01:11:55 Arati: that was just the question I had! Thank you for asking!
01:12:16 Jacqueline de Groot: sara your story resonated so much with me. would you like to try. Be my business bestie
01:14:36 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Daily totally overwhelms me! Am I the only one?
01:15:01 Bronislava Benkovicova: same for me @marjolein 🙂
01:15:07 Glenny Sijlbing: Yes to much for me too
01:15:08 Rachel Extance: No you’re not Marjolein.
01:15:25 Ines: Yes, totally Marjolein.
01:15:49 Arati: few times a week works well too 😉
01:15:59 Stephanie Fiteni | Content Strategist & SEO Coach for coaches and Online Entrepreneurs: Yes sounds overwhelming daily – but helps you stay clear. I ve never tried it, open to it
01:16:58 Jana Urbanová: It sounds overwhelming but I can imagine it keeps me on a track:-)
01:17:09 Stephanie Fiteni | Content Strategist & SEO Coach for coaches and Online Entrepreneurs: @Esther QUESTION what can we share about ourselves to make sure we get someone at the same level?
01:18:27 Stephanie Fiteni | Content Strategist & SEO Coach for coaches and Online Entrepreneurs: I have this problem – I overplan
01:18:43 Rachel Extance: One of the ways I’ve come unstuck is maxing my week out with clients and then there’s not time for working on my business, or time for me. Then there’s no time in my day for 3 things, even if they are small.
01:18:58 Arati: My level is for example that I’m starting to build email funnels and building an online training. Creating a social media plan. Branding could be better
01:19:30 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I need time off and away from people and appointments to be able to focus and do the work…
01:19:35 Arati: Rachel I get that
01:24:27 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: sorry gotta check in a guest. thanks you. lokking forward to it!
01:26:43 Alexandra Antok: I have one who work 10 hours per month for the moment
01:27:22 Alexandra Antok: And it’s already good to have someone who helps me with tech and mail thing
01:28:42 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Strenghtfinder gallup
01:28:51 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Kolbe test
01:29:07 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 7852
01:33:41 Arati: same here
01:33:42 Alexandra Antok: Same here sara
01:34:00 Jana Urbanová: we had it the same Sara
01:34:15 Alexandra Antok: I would love to find someone very committed
01:34:19 Arati: what’s the secret indeed hahaha
01:35:19 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Gut feeling is important, yes.
01:36:46 Jana Urbanová: Yes, you are right, GUT is the secret:-). I have one bis biz here in Czech and we are like friends from the very beginning.
01:40:19 Arati: I think I was too sweet saying yes to my buddy but it didn’t serve me at all, how much I like her.
01:40:44 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Yes, just be clear, and honest, and go with the gut feeling
01:41:40 Arati: 5 is great but I loose myself I’m afraid hahahaha
01:44:55 Marjolein van Braam Morris: And ‘doing it’ could be in a low key way, I have experienced…