MEETING CHAT August 25 2021 (Click to see the chat)

00:03:53 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I love Freedom!
00:05:20 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I use Freedom to block everything from 20 h and before 9 in the morning…
00:06:06 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: funny, I just put my phone on flightmodus when working focused. And put out my wifi between bedtime and waking up. Also freedom 🙂
00:06:23 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: But I’ll try it! Thanks for the tip
00:07:02 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: Judith, you live close to me! I live in Basel 🙂
00:07:17 Sarah Spagnuolo: Hello to everyone!
00:07:23 Rachel Extance: I have an emergency app for a relative and I found it didn’t alert me when I had the phone’s ‘do not disturb’ on. Freedom meant I could remove the distractions but still be alerted if I was really needed.
00:07:27 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: hello. Judtih Welcome!
00:07:38 Rachel Extance: Hi Judith!
00:07:52 Marjolein van Braam Morris: 👋🏼Judith!
00:08:07 Sarah Spagnuolo: Nice to meet you Judith
00:08:29 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Is the new round online on the Academy? Dates and so on?
00:15:53 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: that’s 50% more 😉
00:22:23 Sarah Spagnuolo: Hi brave, today is my showcase day at the Museum, so I have to leave at 15.45. Anyway I’m happy to see you again after a little break I will try to connect again from the car. Cheers
00:22:52 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Good luck Sarah!
00:22:59 Sarah Spagnuolo: Thank you!!
00:23:01 Rachel Extance: Good luck Sarah!
00:23:33 Sarah Spagnuolo: Thank you! 🙂
00:23:35 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: all the best Sarah!
00:23:40 Glenny Sijlbing: Good Luck Sarah
00:29:35 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: nice, those cats 🙂
00:29:46 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: where is the best place to post blogs?
00:30:58 Marjolein van Braam Morris: @Sandy Your own website is best, and link to it when sharing on social media. And articles on LinkedIn are useful if your audience is there…
00:30:58 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: @Sandy, I got the tip to publish an article on LinkedIn, is that an idea for you too? Do you have enough followers yet overthere?
00:31:31 Marjolein van Braam Morris: So people will be HAPPY to buy form you!
00:31:33 Rachel Extance: I have a blog post, will put it in the chat in a bit
00:32:53 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: today is the first that I heard you could post ablog on linked. I don’t know linked in well. will check it out
00:32:59 Marjolein van Braam Morris: @Rachel I would be very interested in a workshop on how to go about writing blogs and be able to use (parts) for other social media… Is the something you (want to) offer?
00:33:26 Marjolein van Braam Morris: @Sandy post them as articles, not as posts/updates
00:33:52 Glenny Sijlbing: @sandy on LinkedIn it is called articels
00:34:01 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: thank you!
00:34:22 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I want to, but I’m not…
00:34:48 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: perhaps I’ll be into content marketing, not sure yet..
00:34:49 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Because I believe that content marketing is important!
00:35:11 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: Rachel… can I send you a drawing and you write a blog…?? 🙂
00:36:19 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: i can so relate…
b How to do introvert content marketing! Or content marketing the introvert way!
00:38:09 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: write copy that for sales page that actually sells
00:40:04 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: I feel a lot like what the other Marjolein just said
00:43:00 Marjolein van Braam Morris: It could be optional…
00:43:21 Marjolein van Braam Morris: …to check other participants blogposts, or titles, or ideas…
00:45:40 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: yes!!! living the dream!! well done.
00:45:52 Ines: That’s HUGE Ivana!
00:45:54 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: so happy for you Ivana!
00:46:23 Rachel Extance: Formats for storytelling Where to write for your business How to be confident about pressing publish
00:47:38 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: thanks!
00:48:02 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: Ivana, please send link to your shop.
00:48:23 Rachel Extance: Etsy?
00:52:16 Ines: I want them
00:52:37 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: make a quiz with prices: who invents the best hashtag for your products 🙂
00:56:17 Rachel Extance: 15 notebooks is never enough!
00:56:35 Marjolein van Braam Morris: There is always room for another notebook…
00:57:18 Rachel Extance: Pinterest is a lovely place for posting notebooks too.
00:59:38 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: i had 20k pictures on my phone!
01:04:45 Rachel Extance: Have you had any luck with art journalists?
01:08:56 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: Sarah – a pop up shop in an area busy with your clients
01:13:31 Rachel Extance: I’m looking forward to my bag and delighted you’ve found someone to pay for initial production.
01:14:38 Rachel Extance: I’d be happy to do that.
01:15:17 Rachel Extance: You could use our quotes. I could record a video saying ‘I’m so excited…’ that you could embed on your sales page.
01:22:15 Rachel Extance: As an introvert I always want to be able to talk about the brilliant local businesses I buy from, but I rarely know the owner’s name. It would be great if more businesses talked about who they are and their place.
01:24:50 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: Very nice to hear all your stories, wins and challenges! I have an appointment at 16h30, so will be leaving soon.
01:27:06 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: sounds very Dutch: lekkoah slaopuh (lekker slapen, sleeping well)
01:27:15 Glenny Sijlbing: Bye Marjolein
01:27:38 Marjolein van Kleffens-Doesburg: bye Glenny, and all of you!
01:27:45 Rachel Extance: Bye Marjolein
01:32:49 Rachel Extance: Sandy, I don’t know if it helps but this is in the UK I know the East of England chapter lead.
01:33:49 Sandy – Gypsy Biz-: thanks Rachel
01:34:04 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well yet @Ines
01:35:16 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Or at the end as an upsell after they download/use your freebie…
01:36:08 judith: I was sleeping for two days…
01:37:31 Marjolein van Braam Morris: What I intend to do with my evergreen… offer it with a discount of 10% for 3 days, after the follow up funnel when they download my freebie…
01:38:26 Rachel Extance: That’s a good idea Marjolein.
01:47:25 Marjolein van Braam Morris: And be kind to yourself…
01:48:26 Marjolein van Braam Morris: And that took 90 minutes!
01:48:56 Rachel Extance: That’s such a great example of content marketing. You spent 90 minutes watching material to find the info you needed to buy.


MEETING CHAT JULY 28 2021 (Click to see the chat)

00:11:52 Sarah Spagnuolo: Congratulations Elif!!!
00:12:04 Elif Tepebasi: Thank you Saraj!
00:12:07 Elif Tepebasi: Sarah:)
00:13:19 Liz Hickey: Hi everyone, nice to see you
00:13:30 Elif Tepebasi: Oh I so get you Magda
00:13:33 Elif Tepebasi: I was you last year
00:13:39 Elif Tepebasi: Hi Liz:)
00:18:08 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Website is ready – B2B
00:21:36 Elif Tepebasi: I am Magda’s client. I can say that, she was the reason I got relaxed after talking to her. She is not only GDPR expert, she makes it so easy to understand a topic which has so much terror and fear around it.
00:23:36 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Youpreneur
00:23:42 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Tribe (free one)
00:23:42 Liz Hickey: Magda, can you target lawyers? If a company is fearful about GDPR they will probably contact their lawyer first. The lawyer may not want to have a GDPR expert on board and will be happy to send the business to you
00:23:52 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Membership groups etc
00:24:22 Liz Hickey: Can you do a FB ad targeting CEOs and CFOs of SME businesses
00:26:19 Elif Tepebasi: Esther can I make a verbal contribution here?
00:26:31 Liz Hickey: LinkedIn is so important for you Magda. Start blogging on LinkedIn
00:26:58 Sarah Spagnuolo: Liz is right! Linkedin is so important for Magda
00:28:24 Liz Hickey: Ask the CEOs and CFOs do they realise how vulnerable they are
00:28:59 Marjolein van Braam Morris: It needs to be a wake up call… that makes them come into action.
00:29:50 Liz Hickey: Could you target an industry, such as the hospitality business in the UK?
00:30:26 Bella Luna: Talking about this kind of stuff makes me shit my pants (which probably leads to me burying my head in the sand), if you can market it as a gentle solution to putting your GDPR nightmares behind you that would be super appealing
00:31:32 Ivana Baba Jagua: I am starting international Academy next year, I may need you, Magda
00:31:39 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I feel what @Bella says: I tend to bury my head in the sand… so it has to be crystal clear what the risk is and if it applies to me…
00:31:51 Elif Tepebasi: Magda is the person
00:32:20 Marjolein van Braam Morris: In your post there has toe be a list of
00:32:27 Marjolein van Braam Morris: – are you…
00:32:41 Marjolein van Braam Morris: – do you work at…
00:32:59 Marjolein van Braam Morris: – do you have …. Number of clients/subscribers…
00:37:24 Liz Hickey: Magda, perhaps female entrepreneurs in the UK are the low hanging fruit
00:37:26 Elif Tepebasi: You are the rising star Magda, it is so obvious!
00:37:30 Sarah Spagnuolo: Is this your website?
00:39:39 Magda Matras:
00:40:30 Ivana Baba Jagua: 😉
00:43:59 Elif Tepebasi: Could you be targeting same audience with Fertility Coaches?
00:45:55 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Duik in je weeën
00:47:15 Liz Hickey: Wow Elif, that is a great idea, Anna you can align with other experts in the field. You can step into being an expert.
00:48:00 Liz Hickey: Anna, am I right that what you teach is relevant before AND after pregnancy.
00:52:20 Liz Hickey: Sara you can sell there?
00:52:35 Anna Pokrupová: Liz, right now I only have products for pregnant women but later I wish to create courses for mothers also
00:52:50 Elif Tepebasi: Wow
00:53:01 Anna Pokrupová: Interesting idea Elif, thank you
00:53:12 Elif Tepebasi: Where is it Sarah? In Zurich?
00:54:40 Elif Tepebasi: @Anna I had a friend who is a fertility coach, I have some insights through her. I am not friends with her anymore yet I would be happy to share the insights I attained through her.
00:55:15 Liz Hickey: Anna, is there a trade fair for pregnant women in your country? Can you pay someone to distribute leaflets directly to pregnant women near a maternity hospital? Can you make leaflets and ask doctors to have them in their waiting rooms? Can you get an interview on radio about your philosophy on healthy happy childbirth.
00:55:29 Ivana Baba Jagua: Sarah, after the visit, will they have possibility to go back to your booth? Because people usually don’t buy before
00:55:55 Liz Hickey: Can you offer a discount tomorrow Sarah?
00:57:44 Liz Hickey: Sarah, you need help at the stall so you can move around
00:58:44 Liz Hickey: How much more do you need to raise €12K Sarah?
01:01:22 Elif Tepebasi: Dear Ladies, I have to leave. Thank you very much for the lovely session Esther and everyone.
01:05:36 Anna Pokrupová: Thank you Elif And Liz for all your suggestions. I will think where to focus my energy right now.
01:05:39 Liz Hickey: What about Art Students Sarah, many of them have money in summertime as they are working….
01:06:14 Anna Pokrupová: I have to leave now, take care everyone
01:06:42 Liz Hickey: How many bags do you need to sell to make the crowdfund Sarah?
01:06:54 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 50 more
01:07:59 Liz Hickey: Can you sell my daughter’s one yet Sarah? She will wear it everywhere for you
01:08:11 Liz Hickey: *send
01:10:07 Liz Hickey: 2 bags a day Sarah and you are there!
01:10:46 Liz Hickey: Did you get an article in the newspaper? Journalists are really looking for stories
01:11:43 Liz Hickey: Good luck Sarah, here for you
01:15:48 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I have to leave ladies, thank you for sharing and take care everyone!
01:17:36 Liz Hickey: Evergreen courses Bella and show up on podcasts and everywhere you can?
01:19:51 Ivana Baba Jagua: I will soon close mine too
01:27:35 Liz Hickey: 100 people at £10 per month will give you a base income Bella of £1000 a month and you will live well in Thailand and build well on it
01:40:03 Ivana Baba Jagua: I have to leave now 👋
01:42:07 Bella Luna: I have to leave too – thanks ladies 😘


MEETING CHAT JULY 28 2021 (Click to see the chat)

00:07:04 Marjolein van Braam Morris: How about a membership with monthly live sessions/Q&A?
00:08:47 Marjolein van Braam Morris: And discounts for new courses you build!
00:12:07 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Aroma blend – 3 weeks
00:12:29 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Starts in October
00:16:20 Ivana Baba Jagua: I went for 30
00:19:41 Elif Tepebasi: Like Louise Hay
00:28:29 Marjolein van Braam Morris: 💜
00:28:39 Jana: Thank you Glenny for your story.
00:37:07 Bella Luna: How long should the story be? Or should we just forget that? Presumably, the shorter it is the more powerful as more people will read it though right?
00:38:26 Marjolein van Braam Morris: The second one is more powerful (and relatable)
00:38:41 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: I could feel the spirit of the flowers
00:39:08 Anna Pokrupová: I love the exclusion story, it feels very strong
00:40:56 Ivana Baba Jagua: Jana, can you put the two stories together?
00:41:39 Jana: I feel both are connected so if I find the right wording I might.
00:42:34 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Bob Gentle – speaker page
00:44:45 Bella Luna: is great for getting on podcasts
00:46:17 Bella Luna: This is also a great FB group for getting spots as expert speakers (or finding expert speakers!) –
00:54:43 Bella Luna: Jana – you should use your laptop camera to take some photos of yourself with the background you have. You look super beautiful against it and would make for a lovely biz pic I think
00:56:15 Jana: Thank you Bella. If I find how to do it. 🙂
00:58:15 Bella Luna: Is there a moment when you first wore it and felt really special because of it? You felt beautiful / empowered / strong / divine?/
00:59:25 Jana: What is different between ilistraion and henna painting? Feeling? Materiál? Clients?
00:59:33 Elif Tepebasi: Ivana, I saw your picture on your page. You look very different when you went gray short hair. You look like a new person . Was there a pivotal moment?
01:03:08 Ivana Baba Jagua: Elif, it was too much work to color my hair 😅
01:03:15 Elif Tepebasi: :)))


MEETING CHAT JULY 21 2021 (Click to see the chat)

00:03:27 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Name = radical self-love
00:14:16 Gypsy Biz: I feel exactly the same!
00:15:33 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 10 people = 99
00:16:41 Gypsy Biz: fab idea!
00:25:12 Ivana Baba Jagua: Yesterday I was cleaning the house. Doing only that. Great recharge 😅
00:26:00 Jana: I love that idea to empty your brain and you can help yourself with frankincense and lemon scent.
00:26:26 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Oh yes Ivana, and the bonus being a clean house is double points!
00:26:28 Glenny Sijlbing: @marjolein i changed my room last year. and it helped.
00:26:31 Bella Luna: Extra sleep, disconnecting from technology, nature, and fresh water
00:26:56 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Thank you Glenny and Bella, great tips
00:27:25 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I’m going to try the Frankincense, Jana! Thank you
00:28:41 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Oh Sandy, that one I have too… The FOMO on The Sell from the Heart week… Hope to do it somewhere next week.
00:29:19 Bella Luna: can everyone say OVER-GIVING!!
00:35:35 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Could the freebie be the 5 or ten steps you need to ‘check’ to confirm they have a viable business idea? Or examples?
00:35:58 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Yes, a roadmap!
00:43:33 Bella Luna: You gotta start somewhere baby!!
00:45:37 Alina Barna: How do I put a hand up?
00:45:53 Ivana Baba Jagua: I have to go, good to see you 💛
00:45:54 Glenny Sijlbing: @alina in reactions
00:46:15 Glenny Sijlbing: Bey Ivana
00:47:40 Alina Barna: Thanks Glenny!
00:56:06 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Ines do you have testimonials from your customers about how they feel after, what changed for them…?
00:57:00 Marjolein van Braam Morris: Not so much to share as testimonials, but to see what language they use for their transformation.
00:58:38 Bella Luna: Ines – you could do a competition based on having to follow ALL of your socials and inviting people to your groups etc.
01:00:18 Ines: Thank you Bella and marjolein!
01:01:26 Marjolein van Braam Morris: I have to leave dear ladies, thank for the support and the love… ❤️
01:02:07 Jana: I have to go, too. See you.
01:08:45 Glenny Sijlbing: How you can sell cakes with Visuals.
01:10:46 Gypsy Biz: work in progess is a good idea and why
01:11:53 Gypsy Biz: (sorry for the distractions behind me… we are renovating and workers in and out)
01:12:46 Gypsy Biz: Sorry I need to go. so lovely to be here today with everyone. I always feel more motivated after the calls. thank you Esther and everyone.
01:21:34 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 3 weeks 97 euro’s
01:29:56 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 20
01:33:35 Bella Luna: see you on the 26th too!
01:34:23 Bella Luna: brings authenticity to a new level!




MEETING CHAT JULY 7 2021 (Click to see the chat)

Bella Luna: I just had a mini holiday
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 1. Questionare 2. Down sell here is the book 3. Mini launch book + program 4. Upsell > program
Glenny Sijlbing: What is a downsell vrersus an upsell
Elif Tepebasi: Glenny, are you targeting only Netherlands?
Marjolein van Braam Morris: When is it Glenny? Happy to be there live if I can.
Glenny Sijlbing: @marjolein it is 14 july 12:00 aclock
Sarah Spagnuolo: Take care Lucia <3
Marjolein van Braam Morris: @glenny can you send me a link to sign up? As if I were a potential lead? 😀
Glenny Sijlbing: Yes I will do it in Messenger after the call
Marjolein van Braam Morris: 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Martina Brüggemann: What a wonderful question!
janau: Such a great question. Thank you.
Elif Tepebasi: I love the question as well.
Elif Tepebasi: Great questions
Marjolein van Braam Morris: There is a market ánd it takes time… Hang in there Sarah, don’t be discouraged
Lucia Epskamp TheArtofHealing: you are not bagging, but selling bags, need to be on your wall!💜
Elif Tepebasi: Sara I think your bags are amazing
Marjolein van Braam Morris: Share yourself, share what drives you to do this!
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Less than 10 days = 15 / 60
Glenny Sijlbing: @sarah start a gratitude yournal. It makes you focus on the positive.
Elif Tepebasi: I love this
Elif Tepebasi: I will write on my hands as well:)
janau: Thank you girls amd Esther, today´s call is a great lesson on selling 🙂
Lucia Epskamp TheArtofHealing: janau🥰
Glenny Sijlbing: what happened to the woman you spoke about yesterday in the mindset call .
Martina Brüggemann: oh yes, that’s such a good idea to connect them to the buyers as well
Elif Tepebasi: This was such a valuable talk
Marjolein van Braam Morris: Such a wonderful book!
Glenny Sijlbing: Sorry I must leave at 16:30.
Bella Luna: I do a money dance every morning where I have replaced the lyrics to Celebration by Kool and the Gang
janau: I have to leave, thank you so much. Have a nice day:-).
Elif Tepebasi: There is a link with migraine. Mograine is an outcome of the wrong choices no?
Elif Tepebasi: This feels more right emotions
Glenny Sijlbing: I am leaving Thank you all so much.
Marjolein van Braam Morris: Thanks ladies, wonderful to connect with you (next time with camera on 😉 Bye!
Bella Luna: can I have a group hug?!




MEETING CHAT JUNE 23 2021 (Click to see the chat)

Anca Melanie Fronescu Stillewagt: hello everyone 🙂 will be on camera soon. still need to eat and don’t want to munch on camera. am all ears!! xxx
Bella Luna: Or you can offer them the chance to work with you 1-1 if they don’t want to wait
Anca Melanie Fronescu Stillewagt: Ivana – I never ever even considered anything henna and co related and just listening to you and seeing your enthusiasm and genuineness I’m like – maybe I should give it a try, too 🙂 I love your energy! xx
Martina Brüggemann: this year is different I think…people stay home and maybe they would like to escape to south africa virtually 🙂
Anca Melanie Fronescu Stillewagt: not necessarily. some peeps go in July some in August, some never in high season plus travels et co are not as “usual”…
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 1. June/July/August showing up, get people on your list
Bella Luna: UK is 3rd week of July to end of August
Anca Melanie Fronescu Stillewagt: Italy and France are off in August
Anca Melanie Fronescu Stillewagt: what are “usual” fees for va’s out there for consistent social media posting? as an idea? and would you “hire” them for like a day in the week or two days worth of work? How can I best look at this?
Anca Melanie Fronescu Stillewagt: OMG THAILAND BELLA!!! how amazing!!!!
GypsyBiz: @Bella – why not set up an evergreen course… that can run non stop without your direct input. record videos etc.
GypsyBiz: I think I want to join you there!
olga x oxxymind: Great quarantaine
Ivana Baba Jagua: Anca, yes, it’s my advantage, people are saying the same 😅 I really love my work
Anca Melanie Fronescu Stillewagt: @Ivana – of course you do! and it is very very very appealing endearing and inspiring! and I relate fully to that energy – I love my work, too!! 🙂 xxx
GypsyBiz: Nice to see you all again, but I need to go now. take care everyone.
Ivana Baba Jagua: I have to go. Cross fingers. At 5 I open the cart 💛
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Shelley Hutchinson
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Bob Gentle it’s in the Club
0Bella Luna: we should do a BRAVE summit!
Martina Brüggemann: I only said to start in dutch if doing it in english is holding Olga back. Her english is excellent. 🙂
Anca Melanie Fronescu Stillewagt: I’ve taught English for more than 20 years – all over the world. Your English truly rocks, Olga!!! xxxx
Bella Luna: My mum is in your group Ines!!
Liz Hickey: I love your videos in the group Ines, as you know I am there too. I think there is just too big a jump between what you offer free and your course price. Do you need something less expensive in the middle
Anca Melanie Fronescu Stillewagt: what is the group again, Ines? sorry i did not join it weeks ago as you had already started the challenge etc.. 🙂 and I got lost on FB trying to find it 🙂 xx
Martina Brüggemann: that’s me with Ines’ DIY mask… I guess I need to share it in the group :_)
Bella Luna: Approach a few people in the group that you know and ask them personally to interact more in your group – you can then offer to interact in their group in exchange
Bella Luna: You could also do a competition for the ‘best’ photo
Martina Brüggemann: I am sorry but I have to go now. Bye everyone! <3
Liz Hickey: I signed up for a daily prompt, 365 days a year with a coach 17 days ago. I know I WILL do business with her. It is so easy to understand her philosophy, her take on a particular topic, because it is drip fed day by day. I know it is a lot of information to prepare, but I think I am going to do this myself. Perhaps a daily beauty tip might help you make that connection with people Ines
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain:
Liz Hickey: Why does a blog help Esther?
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Video : /uploaded to YouTube / make a blogpost out of it
Liz Hickey: Sorry Esther, I think I got the time of the call wrong, I am fine for today thank you.
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 20 – 100 / 1 July – 5 days /
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Canva – PDF with what it is + your account number + till when available
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: June 30
olga x oxxymind: I have to leave! Bye bye ladies
Liz Hickey: Michaela, how can I see what you do?