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My Business Finances

The Revenue Planner and Cost Calculator help you to get insight into the amount of money you can expect over the year. The Revenue Planner and Cost Calculator you will be using for this are created in Google Spreadsheets and before you start to create your own you need to copy the files to make then your own.

Mastering your Finances is an essential part of your business. Not knowing what goes in or out will cause you to get stuck. And we all want you to grow and thrive!

Click the button below to go to the Google Spreadsheet and follow the instructions below how to copy the file.

Before you start in the Google Spreadshirt document, go to FILE (A) and click ‘Make a Copy’ (B).
Give your copy a new name and you’re good to go!




Start with the Revenue Planner, it helps you to get insight into the amount of money you can expect over the year.
The image below shows how it looks like when you start.



Add in every column what you plan to sell.

For instance:

  • In January you launch a small course of $79.- where you teach people to play the banjo. 25 People sign up. After 1 Month you invite your students to go to a new level with you. You are teaching them to play the banjo AND the ukulele and they can play with you in a little orchestra.
  • Because they love how you helped them, 9 people sign up for the Next Level. A $799.- program that takes 3 months.
  • At the same time, you have several 1-on-1 clients, who pay you $1.500.- for 4 sessions. And you organize a retreat.
  • By filling out the Revenue Planner you get an idea of what is possible for you. . . if you stick to the plan.

This will help you to see where you are heading and also it’s so much fun to see how you can get to 100K or 200K or … let’s do it . . . 1 Million Dollars (or Euro)
It’s all possible for you.




In the second tab (at the bottom of the page) you will find your Cost Calculator. It helps you to get real on the costs you make to build and grow your business.

When you start it looks like this.



When you start it looks like this.

When your business grows and you make more money your business costs will go up.
For instance, you pay $27.- /month for 2.000 emails but when your list grows you have to pay $90.- /month.

Maybe you hire a VA to help you with your project in May and someone else in October. Your cost change all the time.

Don’t worry about the exact numbers, just give it a try and adjust all the time so you have a clear idea of what happens with your money.


Keep your sheets on your desktop so that you always know how you’re doing money wise!