Dear bravista ,

Here is the Copywriting workbook. The best and most efficient way to use it is to:

1. Go through the entire workbook.
2. Decide on 1 post and write it.
3. Send your post into the world.

If you feel like “Hmmm I like to have a second opinion first” either share it with your accountability buddy or share it in the Facebook community and ask for feedback (without links obviously).

Remember that this is not about being perfect, but about making an impression. If your soul clients love to curse – as do you – curse away. If your soul clients love fun recipes, share your recipe for apple cake with rum and confetti sprinkles.

They won’t care about a spellingz error. They will love you for inspiring them to do something fun.

That is what they remember. Unless of course you are a proofreader or a copywriter, then they will remember you for your great tips.

I wish you make wonderful emails, clients and most of all a wonderful time making your audience fall in love with you.