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Dear friend,

Here is your Self-Care manual. Actually, this is a full Self-Care program that we are giving you. We have gone slightly overboard and created this program, book, visualisations, mediations and downloadable cards for you because I’m in a mission to make unapologetic self-love the life force of every female entrepreneur.

A woman who loves herself unconditionally, will feel worthy of success. She can stop the old hustle way and can share her message with the world shining her bright light.

We call that woman a Selflovepreneur.

My invitation to you is to read, listen, breathe, dive in and decide if you too are ready to become a Selflovepreneur. We even make this extra special for you this month. From October 25 – November 5 I help you create and implement all your social media posts for 2022. So that you can stop being overwhelmed and truly enjoy every hour of every day (and have more bubble bath, tree hugging, self-care time)

Simply click the red button above and sign up today.

You are worthy off all that you dream about,

With all my love,

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain


(Please allow a bit of time for the large pdf files to load in the new window.)