Magic Desire Workshop


In this workshop I’m going to teach you how to bend energy and become a powerful manifestor of miracles


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Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

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WORKSHOP MEETING CHAT (Click to see the chat)

00:02:15 Tonia Pezzella Krebs: Hello from Australia
00:02:56 Lauren Diana Scalf: It’s storming here today. Nice and cool 🙂
00:08:10 Catherine Schopfer: I love myself
00:08:12 Tonia Pezzella Krebs: I Love myself ♥
00:08:13 Sara: I love myself
00:08:13 Kerri Layton: I love myself
00:08:14 Marianne Rutz: I love myself
00:08:15 Joannie van Rijswijk: I Love Myself <3
00:08:17 Vivi Borregaard Adamz: I LOVE myself
00:08:17 Kerri Layton: I love people!
00:08:18 Lauren Diana Scalf: I love myself 🥰
00:08:19 GERTRUD ANGERER: I love myself deeply
00:08:21 Barbara Knupper: I love myself
00:08:22 Kerri Layton: I love my dog
00:08:23 Katerina Cizkova: I love myself
00:08:23 Alina Barna: I love myself
00:08:25 Pia Becker: I completely and deeply love and accept myself
00:08:28 Erwina: I love myself
00:08:34 Aiki: I love myself
00:08:35 Ruby O’Hara: I am enough in my being
00:08:36 Zoe Cross: I love myself. That is why i left work to be here, so grateful!!
00:08:47 Wenneke Ong: I love myself!
00:09:10 Lauren Diana Scalf: I’m in my bed so yes 😆
00:09:16 Joannie van Rijswijk: I love your visuals!!
00:10:14 Vivi Borregaard Adamz: You are recording
00:10:26 Marianne Rutz: I can see that you are recording
00:14:32 Lauren Diana Scalf: Yes
00:14:37 Tonia Pezzella Krebs: Very much
00:14:38 Erwina: yes
00:14:40 GERTRUD ANGERER: Very much 🤯😂
00:14:42 Wenneke Ong: Yes,
00:14:42 Zoe Cross: yes
00:14:43 Sara: Definitely
00:14:44 Vivi Borregaard Adamz: Absolutely
00:14:44 Nancyo: Yes in general.
00:14:44 Barbara Knupper: Yes … different in general
00:14:46 Joannie van Rijswijk: Very much!!
00:14:48 Kathleen Anderson de Miranda: Yes
00:14:53 Catherine Schopfer: yes 🙂
00:15:49 Wenneke Ong: its quite, but tension at the right side of my head
00:16:14 Nancyo: A lot…. Glad to be here but thinking of other things too
00:16:20 Zoe Cross: i have massive stress and pain, heavy burden
00:17:27 Wenneke Ong: my differtentness is my gold
00:17:29 Catherine Schopfer: My differentness is my gold
00:17:36 Alina Barna: My differentness is my gold
00:17:36 Marianne Rutz: My differentness is my gold
00:17:40 GERTRUD ANGERER: Mein Anderssein ist mein Gold
00:17:41 Sara: My differentness is my gold
00:17:42 Nancyo: My differentness is my gold>
00:17:44 Daria m: my differentness is my gold
00:17:45 Erwina: my differentness is my gold
00:17:46 Joannie van Rijswijk: My ddifferentness is my GOLD
00:17:47 Tonia Pezzella Krebs: my differentness is my gold
00:17:47 Zoe Cross: my differentness is my Gold and millions
00:17:49 Aiki: My differentness is my gold
00:17:51 Lauren Diana Scalf: My differentness is my gold
00:17:53 Katerina Cizkova: my differentness is my gold
00:17:57 Nancyo: Yes
00:18:39 Barbara Knupper: My differentness is my gold
00:19:46 Lauren Diana Scalf: I’m a tech goddess and psychic healer
00:19:47 Joannie van Rijswijk: I’m a relationship expert and guide
00:19:50 Wenneke Ong: I am bringing my clients to their natural path
00:20:00 Pia Becker: I´m a Travel Confidence Coach
00:20:03 Barbara Knupper: I am Barbara and I am a voice magician
00:20:07 Daria m: I am art&graphic designer
00:20:11 Tonia Pezzella Krebs: I teach women how to build a profitable property portfolio with confidence.
00:20:33 Alina Barna: I am Alina Barna, I teach women how to make more money with the power of numbers in their business
00:20:57 Kathleen Anderson de Miranda: I help people reduce pain and move with ease and comfort through Somatic practices.
00:20:59 Joannie van Rijswijk: I show people how to transform their disfunctional relationship into their dream relationship
00:21:00 Zoe Cross: I help professionals and solopreneurs with a visible difference to overcome rejection and ridicule, and to create the Career and Business they truly wish for, so that they can live in safety, financial stabilty and joy
00:21:58 Tonia Pezzella Krebs: How to know which property makes a good investment
00:22:05 Lauren Diana Scalf: Why is running an online business so hard? What am I doing wrong?
00:22:10 Joannie van Rijswijk: relationship crisis, help with relationship trouble
00:22:22 Kathleen Anderson de Miranda: Thanks!
00:22:24 Catherine Schopfer: How can I heal from breast cancer? How can I find energy after a breast cancer?
00:22:29 Joannie van Rijswijk: How to stop figthing with my partner
00:22:32 Wenneke Ong: Which transformation is possible
00:22:41 Joannie van Rijswijk: How to better communicate with my partner
00:22:44 Alina Barna: Which offer brings more money
00:23:36 Zoe Cross: Why are People Always so horrible to me?
00:24:00 Joannie van Rijswijk: Why do I always attract the wrong partner
00:24:03 GERTRUD ANGERER: I am teaching you how to find peace within regulating your nervous system and learn to deeply trust life, your body and yourself
00:24:31 Nancyo: How to make money
00:25:24 Barbara Knupper: How do I feel more confident with my voice
00:31:12 Nancyo: Yes drop and stop.
00:36:39 Vivi Borregaard Adamz: A little confused:-)
00:36:52 Joannie van Rijswijk: I feel very centered and strong and at the same time I feel really soft
00:36:54 Catherine Schopfer: Yes, just about feeling, and being at peace
00:36:54 Alina Barna: I felt joy
00:36:56 Wenneke Ong: full, free
00:36:56 Angie Porter: yes more acceptance
00:36:59 Lauren Diana Scalf: I feel calm
00:37:03 Tonia Pezzella Krebs: Yes and I felt that you knew exactly my feelings
00:37:05 Zoe Cross: yes, confused but remembered my truth
00:37:21 Kathleen Anderson de Miranda: Feel better in my body. Calmer.
00:42:08 Marianne Rutz: Apologies everyone – something as come up. @Esther – I’ll watch the replay!
00:43:29 Nancyo: Lemon tree or fig tree
00:46:11 Wenneke Ong: I see red
00:48:16 Tonia Pezzella Krebs: candle and lava river
00:48:24 Joannie van Rijswijk: I saw a statue of Mary Magdalene
00:48:32 Zoe Cross: I Always see the sea because I can hardly ever get there for holiday
00:48:37 Alina Barna: Sparkles and ocean and a house
00:48:37 Pia Becker: I think I fall asleep. Would love to do it again later 😀
00:48:59 Nancyo: Bright light from my chest like a beautiful ball.
00:49:19 Catherine Schopfer: light, gold, …I didn’t see much but felt much
00:49:30 Aiki: A forest, turqouise color
00:50:30 GERTRUD ANGERER: I want clarity and more than enough as my constant feeling and feel life is a friendly place
00:51:02 Kathleen Anderson de Miranda: Yes.
00:51:05 Nancyo: Yes
00:55:55 Aiki: yes
00:57:28 Elif Tepebasi: Do we need to ask for permission from the soul client to access to this information?
01:09:32 Joannie van Rijswijk: My clients long to be seen, to feel connected and to be loved by their partner.
01:09:35 Zoe Cross: the Soul Client was Looking for a way to escope the hustle and grind of a soul-sucking 9-5 job
01:09:47 Angie Porter: I saw myself writing beautiful little notes to my clients
01:09:54 Aiki: My client needs love, attention and joy. I heard the song “All you need is love”.
01:10:04 Alina Barna: They want to feel powerful in a soft way, to take care of them and their family and enjoy life
01:10:16 Tonia Pezzella Krebs: I felt that everything is much simpler than what I make it. It’s OK not to be complicated.
01:11:23 Lauren Diana Scalf: I saw a woman crying. It wasn’t so much out of sadness, just an overwhelm and needing to get those feelings out. They want to be loved, supported, and knowing that they aren’t alone and don’t need to do ALLLLL the things. They just want someone to help them and almost give them permission on what to do, but hold their hand a little so they aren’t diving in alone.
01:11:34 Nancyo: Parents and students getting back to school and how to be safe and successful in the new school year.
01:11:36 Catherine Schopfer: My client want someone to love her for who she is. She want someone who shows empathy and understanding. She wants someone to listen to her. She wants someone to guide her and be at her side. She wants to be able to express her fears, anxieties to someone.
01:12:13 Pia Becker: I had a conversation with my soul client and she broke out in tears. In my case, they usually want to travel but don´t do it because of various reasons. And the issue behind the “not travleing“ / „not finding a traveel buddy“ was that she felt things like: „why nobody likes me?“ „why nobody wants to be with me“, etc.
01:13:35 Nancyo: I am afraid of having abundance andhaving to manage it all.
01:14:07 Joannie van Rijswijk: I’m afraid of never been able to know what it’s like to really be loved.
01:14:26 Tonia Pezzella Krebs: I’m afraid of not being ‘enough’
01:14:27 Pia Becker: she is afraid of that none of her dreams ever will come true. Or when they come true that it changes her so dramatically that everything else feels like it doesn´t fit anymore and therefore losing it all
01:14:31 Katerina Cizkova: life without a meaning
01:14:44 Catherine Schopfer: My client is afraid to die, to get sick, to lose her life, to regret her life, to stay unhappy
01:14:51 Angie Porter: Im afraid of having to choose between family and success
01:15:12 Aiki: Afraid of too much responsibility and being lonely.
01:15:28 Alina Barna: Too hard to learn and do it in managing money
01:15:31 Catherine Schopfer: yes
01:15:34 Nancyo: Me too choosing between family friends and success.
01:15:35 Pia Becker: Jepp, had that
01:15:37 Aiki: yes
01:15:45 Alina Barna: yes
01:15:51 Nancyo: Yes
01:15:51 Pia Becker: still have it sometimes and partly 😛
01:15:52 Lauren Diana Scalf: I had a hard time putting it into words. When you said it I just felt a shrinking. I get a lot of being afraid to be out there. It’s scary. So many fail. They don’t feel experienced enough. They’re afraid it’s too much work. Will it be worth it?
01:15:59 Joannie van Rijswijk: That’s confronting, but yes, I know that fear very well
01:16:24 Lauren Diana Scalf: I’ve had all these feelings too
01:16:35 Zoe Cross: Always being a slave and working until their Health gives out again and hten having to live on benefits
01:25:50 Joannie van Rijswijk: Sounds truly amazing!
01:30:29 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain:
01:38:43 Joannie van Rijswijk: Thank you so much for this amazing ritual! It was a true gift…
01:38:49 Sara: Thank you Esther!
01:39:01 Zoe Cross: the ritual is soooo good in this crazy life!
01:39:19 Aiki: Thank you!
01:40:29 Lauren Diana Scalf: By thank you!!!
01:40:32 Lauren Diana Scalf: Bye
01:40:52 Catherine Schopfer: Thank you Esther. It was exactly why I needed 🙂 I’m leaving for now…
01:41:09 Lauren Diana Scalf: Alina is awesome 🥰🥰🥰
01:42:26 Daria m: Bye and thank you!
01:42:30 Ruby O’Hara: thank you