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In September we are going to make your business Future Proof 

We lay the groundwork for your business with processes and structure.
This will give you the freedom to follow your heart and manifest what you desire WHILE your business keeps running.
A future proved business will remove the stress and bring in confidence.


1. Never Again make the Marketing Mistake Most Entrepreneurs make
(instead get the secret that will boost your sales)

2. Finally understand what your followers Truly Desire, but are not telling you
(and how to show that you ‘get’ them)


MEETING CHAT CALL 8 (Click to see the chat)

00:03:10 Jana Urbanova: Hi to everyone, Im am in a car so my camera is off but I am with you 🙂
00:04:32 Erwina: some things
00:04:59 Pia Becker: I used a couple of the journal prompts. Don´t have a printer at home, so I can´t print anything
00:05:41 Erwina: some of them
00:05:59 Nadia Kouloura: I used it, but not every day..
00:06:30 Ellen Jakobsson: No, I’m in the middle of moving and before that i had my son here, so haven’t been able to do anything after the map of magic unfortunately!
00:06:39 Pia Becker: I wrote it into the sand
00:07:01 Nadia Kouloura: Yes
00:07:12 Barbara Knupper: Yes!
00:08:13 Nadia Kouloura: I need to work a bit more on the sigil
00:08:30 Erwina: The only thing I wonder is when something is head and when it is heart
00:10:18 Ellen Jakobsson: And a lot is actually happening, things are unfolding great so I think this is working even though i haven’t had the time yet!
00:10:33 Ellen Jakobsson: And like Genoveva said, it’s a process!
00:10:51 Pia Becker: I´m wondering if there are any kind of “interpretation” of the body wealth map, zone of genius paintings, or so. I´m still not quite sure if that what I saw means anything
00:11:53 Genoveva Faísca: BRAVO ERWINA! THE FLOWERS!!!
00:12:13 Pia Becker: also, I think, although I don´t really feel like if anything has happened, it actually did happen something. Sounds weird, but somehow I got so much more clarity about what I wanna do during the past weeks
00:13:22 Pia Becker: yeah, I´m still „thinking“ ;-P
00:18:24 Nadia Kouloura: This is so relieving
00:21:26 Genoveva Faísca: That punishment has the name “ostracismo” (in portuguese, wich is close to latin) and it comes from oyster. And my record to be has the name “the oyster”, because of one of the poems.
00:30:45 Erwina: yes
00:30:47 Ellen Jakobsson: Yes
00:30:51 Nadia Kouloura: Yes
00:31:10 Manuela Vollmer: Yes
00:33:46 Pia Becker: I have that a lot on Instagram when nobody likes my posts
00:35:42 Nadia Kouloura: That is a life saver tip… especially when I am usually in my head
00:41:56 Barbara Knupper: I have to leave for today… sending a hug to all of you!
00:42:39 Pia Becker: Panic already 🤪
00:43:11 Pia Becker: regarding being on stage
00:47:09 Pia Becker: I´m currently in the Brave Leap program, what happens to this one and still have quite some months to go. What happens to that one?
00:47:28 Nadia Kouloura: Yes
00:48:29 Pia Becker: awesome!!! Haven´t been through all my email yet 🙈
00:48:33 Manuela Vollmer: I want it, but there is not enough money
00:51:40 Nadia Kouloura: I can feel that fear in selling…
00:52:54 Pia Becker: is it ok to tell them that you´re scared that „I now start to sell“?
00:53:16 Nadia Kouloura: I am in the procedure of selling photoshoots..
00:53:35 Pia Becker: sounds good 😀
00:53:45 Ellen Jakobsson: I’m going to sell my book that is coming out in January! Sell a lot of books!! 🙂
00:54:27 Ellen Jakobsson: And before that i will sell soulful portraits that i paint and also coaching sessions!
00:54:42 Ellen Jakobsson: I have already started the marketing!
00:54:42 Nadia Kouloura: Yes, I use similar words, thank you very much dear Esther
00:55:10 Pia Becker: I´m going to sell some coaching sessions on helping people to free & embody their inner traveler so that that can travel the world with ease and joy!
00:55:12 Genoveva Faísca: I’ll start selling my voice workshops in September. Also, I’m searching for a place to make a performance with my poetry book, and I can sell it in the end.
00:59:34 Genoveva Faísca: But Erwina, yours are made specially for the people, they say what they want, and you fullfill their dreams..
01:02:02 Ellen Jakobsson: Maybe it is what you especially put in your flowers Erwina! That you sell the story about them.
01:04:03 Judith: I am creating an illustrated calender for 2023 and will sell them. Themed around the different tastes / flavours of the seasons.
01:05:18 Judith: Good idea! Thank you!
01:07:24 Genoveva Faísca: Yes I want Judiths calendar!
01:26:58 Erwina: WOOOOOW
01:26:59 Ellen Jakobsson: Yes, it was wonderful!
01:27:03 Ellen Jakobsson: Thank you!
01:27:14 Nadia Kouloura: I felt the energy moving
01:27:19 Judith: Yes! Amazing.
01:27:34 Nadia Kouloura: Thank you so much!!
01:28:29 Erwina: Thank you!!!!!
01:28:33 Pia Becker: thank you. the past weeks were fun! Looking forward to do more of it the next months 😀

Video: Make your business future proof PART 1

Video: Make your business future proof PART 2

Meaning: implementing everything consistently. Doing the work. Reaching out to people. Do things that might feel highly uncomfortable. But, once you’ve done it anyway, feels like a huge weight has been taken off your shoulders.

Like: reaching out to that person. Or sharing your heartfelt post. Or hiring your first VA. Or launching your program.
Entrepreneurship is all about being brave and taking consistent action. So if you haven’t taken all the action steps in the previous stages: go back and do the work.

That Business Queen Crown will feel so much better once you are ready for it!

You did all the work and have taken consistent action? Great, you are good to go!


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