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Expert Coaching
and Q & A June 3, 2020

BBA Expertcoaching Q&A 19-05-2020
Katrina is stuck with planning. She has two courses on the go and isn’t really sure how to go from here.

Katrina 02:49
So maybe I can introduce myself a bit. My name is Katrina and I’m from Czech Republic and I’m something like art coach or how to say it, I focused mainly on a women and I show them how to open to creativity in themselves, mainly through the painting drawings and so on. And I and I enjoy, like showing them the many ways they could. They could make they their own inner way to art. So that’s like my focus. And now I’m in a situation I have like two courses, which I sell. Both our email courses, one is a drawing course and the second one is painting course. And I’m, I really I’m a bit stuck Now I am I don’t know exactly what can I should focus on now properly. And I’m, I had to admit, I checked like one day ago for first time my persona and I’m a focus Queen and I have really, really a big lack of planning. So I don’t know really, how to plan a how often to plan, what to plan. And maybe if please, you can help me with that. I’m going to get my pen and paper here.

Esther 04:44
So there are two courses. Right? Yes, yes. Okay, two courses. How much How long are they?

Katrina 04:53
How long? Mine is for free months drawing course. And the second one is for half a year. The painting course.

Esther 05:17
Just three months, and how are they are there? Do they run right now? Yes, yes. So how many people are in your six months course?

Katrina 05:30
Um, there are about 10 people now.

Esther 05:36
Okay. And how many in the three months? Do you have any idea why they’re 30 in one course and 10 in the others? Is that because the price difference or different? What?

Katrina 05:53
Yes, it’s right. Because the first one is Like, the fourth turn of the course, and the painting is only the second, like second course. Or a second run of it. So I think it’s like that and and I also made for the drawing course, I made a Facebook advertisement, which was pretty successful in April. And for a painting, I haven’t done anything because I’m kind of like off time now and, and so on.

Esther 06:34
Yeah. So you filled the three month course with Facebook advertisement. Yes, yes. That’s pretty rad. That’s really great. Yeah. Regulations. Thank you. Okay, so, here’s the thing, you so you’ve got, you’ve got two courses right now. And people are coming to buy the courses. Yeah. So they’re both running which gives you the best of times to set up a runway.
And the runway is where you are going to be so incredibly visible. That the moment you the three months, group stops and you’re launching a new one. There is a waiting list. So we’re going for the waiting list. Okay, so this is what you do. You are where are you faithful? Are you mostly Where are your clients?

Katrina 07:48
I’m mostly on Facebook. But I I really like in March. I set up for the first time my group my favourite group. So I have now about 3004 80 people in there and there is very nice, creative atmosphere. And on my business page, I lead it for like two years. And there are like 580 people or something like that, but it’s like sleeping.

Esther 08:26
Do you know why those 4000 people in your free group why they didn’t join the three month group?

Katrina 08:39
See the I don’t know.

Esther 08:40
Okay, but you need to find out.
Because it might be that you spent a little bit too much time in the free group. And so this is what happens when you give, there is a bit I granted this is always difficult, right? Yeah, this there is we always feel like we need, we need to give away too much. Yes. So what you could do is everyone who joins your free group, make them aware that there is a paid group as well.

Katrina 09:21
Okay, so I don’t have any paid group yet.

Esther 09:25
Yes, you do. It’s the programmes. Okay. Okay. And so that they always know Well, I’m in, I’m in here for free so I can check her out. Is she the person I really like? And then so you can tell them? Hey, I’m setting up a waiting list right now. So if you wanted the new course starts then and then if you want to be on a waiting list, you can join now and then oh, it’s 1111. So this is a great idea, apparently.
If they join, if they, if they join the waiting list right now and then they actually join you for the group, they get something extra. No like, like an extra hour with you or something. So you just give them something extra. That makes it easier for people to be on the waiting list.
And then you just keep track either. What what what email provider do you use?
Mailer Light.
Okay. If not, you probably can check people, right?
Yeah, yeah. So then you take the ones who are on the waiting list and the ones who are on the waiting list, and we’re actually you’re in your course. They get an extra hour where you explain something. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So it’s basically What you do is show up or up all the time and the magic that happens in your group. You just share a little bit of the magic that is in the group with the outside world.
So it could be I’m so proud of me and it comes from a genuine place and I’m quite sure that it will always be genuine with you. So it’s something like one of my one of my members or one of my participants in this in that course create a draw a flower that took our breath away. And and we almost cried because it was so beautiful. And then you can even ask her Can I share this with people and and, or you can just get a very small part of the of the flowers so you can see it because what people need to see Is that there is a before and an after that there is a transformation that people are actually learning stuff. Yeah, yeah,

Katrina 12:10
Actually I have done something like this before, but I’m not quite sure how often I should do something like this in the Facebook.

Esther 12:20
Follow your follow your gut. So make sure everybody knows that you provide something special and that the moment you open doors, they need to rush and be there to be with you because they want that special sub.
What you what you can do is so this is how I do it. I plan an entire year and sometimes even more. So I put everything in, in my Google my phone Calendar so it’s everything is in there. So it’s like, start free course day 123 and then the time open doors, closed doors start new course. And then so it’s built, everything is built around my, about around my time because when I’m in Paris or here on the island, everything is different. So make sure your your business is planned around your time.
Okay, okay thinking´, and the more you you map everything out, the easier it becomes.
Does it make sense? Yes, yes. Do you know what to do now?

Katrina 13:55
Yeah, I think so. Yeah. And I will then check the video again. You Yeah, and maybe it also helped me. And maybe what I would like to ask also is, I now have those email call courses. And that means that I have the main contact content in email. And then the people share and they works on Facebook group, when when I, you know, tell them what to do, and that I really appreciate and so on. And I’m not quite sure because I was thinking like to buy kind of upsell for my website, where his membership area and maybe I should rebuild those courses on demand membership area, would would you think about this.

Esther 14:51
If you are always very visible, and you can make a very clear structure and you can definitely Build a membership. And so but what you if you start a membership, there needs to be like a very clear path, like, go here, do this next step. Because if people get lost it’s been so before I started my own this this membership, I joined a couple of other membership just to get a feel of what works for me. And I found out that if there is too much content, I get completely lost. It’s like when you go to a store where they have thousands and thousands of dresses. It’s like, Okay, forget about it. But if there are like five beautiful dresses, and someone who’s helping you, then it’s much easier.

Katrina 5:52
It’s right. It’s kind of difficult for me, for instance, with that Facebook group, because I’m really liking Enjoying. I’m very good, like with new ideas, I have thousands of new ideas. And the atmosphere is really great in the group. And and then I wake up in the morning and I have I should do that I should.
I already don’t know what to do with all the stuff. I have like, you know, thousands of paper, right? Oh, this would be great this. Yeah. No.
Welcome in my head.

Esther 16:34
I give you a little bit more time because this is something that many people recognise.

Katrina 16:44
The idea overload. There is nothing so it’s great to have so many ideas.

Esther 16:55
What I would suggest you do is always starts with what is in the best interest of your business growth. So if you want to make hundred K to the end of the year, ask yourself if I go after this idea, will it bring me 200 k? Because and this is not just about the hundred K, but it’s about building a business that is sustainable and profitable. So that’s question number one. But actually question number one should be Will my clients benefit from this? Or is it just something that I’d like to do for myself? And there’s nothing wrong with it. So if you need to feed yourself and do it for yourself, but you don’t always have to follow every idea.
What’s the next thing? If I do this in five years from now, will I still like it? That’s a very important one. And I think if you go to stage two in the in the membership, and I think it’s book one or book two, I think it’s book one. You need to check it out. And there is if there is like a little checklist where you can find out for yourself if the idea that comes up if it’s just another idea or if it’s an idea that you will want to work on on alarm period of time.
Yeah, straight up. You If you don’t as I did those ideas, you can use them in your, you can use them for Facebook posts as well. I mean, you can just just guide the ideas towards a profitable sustainable business. Does that make sense? Because this is important. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That will take you from a little business to a basis that really is going to be impactful. Okay.

Katrina 19:38
Thank you very much.

Kasia has problems with her pricing. she belives that nobody will pay her if she charges too much. She unervalues herself and constantly gives away too much without earning enough. She is thinking of writing a book.

Kasia 20:30
Thanks for calling me.

Esther 20:31
You’re very welcome. Tell me what I can do for you.

Kasia 20:36
Okay, so I just try to summarise it very briefly. So I’m, I’m a psychologist and a counsellor and a breath worker. I work with midlife women, mostly helping them to make a real shift in how they take care of them stocks. Now I did a bit of online or online work two years ago, which was a huge disaster. financially. I got beautiful feedback. I did plenty of stuff like free stuff and challenges and all. But like, I didn’t earn anything. And I got so exhausted and burnt out that I had to stop. Oh, now I’m kind of coming back now and trying to plan all this in a more sensible way. Yeah. So what I’m what I’m struggling now with is just to put some kind of a structure to what they call like the customer journey, or whatever name you give to so I was working on that freebie, like the lead magnet. And I thought about an ebook. So I also thought about quizzes. But I’m not sure maybe they are not serious enough for the kind of work I do. So the E book ebook is almost ready to grow and grow and grow and it’s a piece of work so I’m saying if it’s something I can just give away now. So anyway maybe like the first chapter or something like this. And then I would like what I would like to have, I have on my website actually a nine week programme with like, different versions so there is version which is just video training modules and now individual sessions and there is version like high support version, when they got also the sessions, individual sessions with me coaching sessions and and I would also like to have something which really, which is kind of cheap. So that very accessible for everyone because from what I know from that from the previous work, a lot of women like that In my facebook group, they wouldn’t probably pay a lot wouldn’t be able to pay a lot also have something like an email course or something like this, which wouldn’t require my, a lot of my time and attention and would just go automatically.
So yeah, so my question is how to how to put a structure to all this?

Esther 23:23
Hey, you. Um, let’s get let’s start with the book because I’m really intrigued by the book.

Kasia 23:31
Um, what what is the Book about? So the title of the book as I that’s the title, your midlife self car revolution. Stop putting yourself last start living as you really matter.

Esther 23:47
Great. So who is it written for who is the target audience?

Kasia 23:54
So the target audience would be like midlife women who really struggle To like to take care of themselves so because there is always somebody else or something else, and they put other people are other things ahead of themselves,

Esther 24:12
how far how ready is the book? Can you can you self publish it?

Kasia 24:20
The like self? Like ebook? I thought I thought about an E book. Yes, yes, I need to probably to do some have some have like proofreading, you know, for somebody to check it.

Esther 24:32
How much how much work? I said, I’m going for the fastest solution. How much work is that? How much time will it take to finish all this? Like, two weeks? Okay, great. So this is what I hear. You can self publish the book on some amazon for instance, and even make it like a real book.

Kasia 24:58
Yeah, yeah. Can I No, there is you can, you can just publish the book yourself. either an E book or real book, there is no difference.

Esther 25:09
If you make it into a real book, you might have a little neat little bit of help for someone to transfer it into a real book. Now you’re gonna make a lot of noise around the book, like a lot, okay? Like a lot, a lot, a lot. You’re going to wake up the is in your own language or Western English, it’s in English, okay? Then even better, then you’re going to make a lot of noise around the book.
Give yourself some time, give yourself like month or so.
Around that book and a So you make a launch around the book, okay? You wake up every woman in the entire world that if she feels when when when I’m always taking care of other people when when, why Where am I? Where I’m gone? I’m only caring for other people where am I? So you, you send out those messages like do you feel like this? Do you recognise this? You you share snippets from the book. You ask ask people to promote it with you. so you don’t have to do it by yourself.
Then sent the book even before it’s finished with different people and ask if they want to be they want to run the book promotion with you. The thing is, if you’ve got a book, you are immediately an authority. It’s how our minds work, or she got a book, then authority.
If you look like people, look up how, look at Hay House, how they promote books, or how Marie Forleo promoted her book. She was like, everywhere with her book.
And then give people so they can join your list your online list by they leave their email and a name and then they get one chapter from the book man for free. And then you follow that up. So it’s not just here is your chapter. But it’s like, I’m so happy. I hit You I feel you, I know you. I know what you need.
So it’s like, here’s a chapter. I’m sending you. I’m sending you something extra in two days from now, you know, so you’re really, you’re really nurture them. Mm hmm. Because this is, I think these women are not seen.

Kasia 28:24
Yeah, very often, of course. Yeah, that’s right.

Esther 28:27
And so you want them to be seen.

Esther 28:32
Then one, so you need to really map this out like proofreading and uploading the book, create the cover, give, give yourself time. And then once the book is out there, in in a couple of days, get as many as possible people to buy the book and make it available for like, I don’t know, five $5 or $2 and $3 or whatever. For a short short amount of time, okay? just sold for like three days or four days or you know something that’s really affordable. And then get all those set up a book club.
a book club where you read from the book and people can ask you questions about the book. So it’s like a little course. It’s free comes with the book. You decide how much the book is. It can be anything from $5 to $27 or whatever.
But if they join, and they show you the they show you the´receipts or something yeah that they bought it. And then you have them in in a Facebook group. They are on your list and from then in five days or so you go through the through through the book with them. And you give them extra extra assignments. So it’s like, they really know you.
And now they’re completely in love with you. Because all these women, they suddenly dared to speak for themselves and go like, No, no, no, I’m not taking this anymore, but they’re wide awake. And then you offer them an upsell. So then it’s then it’s like a proper course. Okay? And the course can be anything that you feel is beneficial for those women. And you don’t even mean you can do it life. You got older knowledge. It’s just like week one, we do this week two, we do this week three, we do this week four, week five. And at the end, this is how you will feel This is the transformation you will be able to tell your family no not today this is my day
no stuff like the like really tangible stuff
I want you saying as justice to focus on this book first I think the around it in a way

Kasia 31:23

Esther 31:25
So don’t just give it away make make make noise around boom Hmm
How do you feel about it?

Kasia 31:38
I just have one doubt. So if if the book is sold for let’s say like even like 27 euro, yes. And then I have those women in the book club. They still there still can be people who wouldn’t be afford or wouldn’t be able to afford you know, like Coaching package which like I would really like to do, I love like, one to one coaching. I would like like to have part of my business, you know, people who are able to pay a bit more and work like individually. How much do you think the programme will be? A nine week programme?
Yeah or the six week programme? I don’t know.
I mean, like what that was the individual coaching.

Esther 32:29
No, no, just like your your online programme. How much would it be?

Kasia 32:35
I don’t know.
200 euro.

Esther 32:44
You cannot you. You cannot do a nine week programme for 200 euros. You’re a psychologist. You’re You’re not a street sweeper. Even if you were a street sweeper, if you If you if you deliver great content and a true transformation, and you serve the entire world because it’s in English, you can ask whatever you want.
So we’re having a money block here. That’s the thing.
And here’s why I’m here. I know a lot about online it’s about money block. Yeah.
How much do you think what would happen to a woman who is always been in service to others and now she and her children are out of school. And she, once she she wants to rise she wants to be out there. She wants to change the world as well.
And now, she might By, I don’t know, something like B school or or any other programme that tells her how to set her business. But now she’s like, Okay, I know how to do it, but I don’t think I deserve it. And the reason why she feels like that is that she never had met you. And you never be able to taught her how to completely shift your mindset around you are worth this, you can do this. So your course, is fundamental. It’s like every woman who has always been taking care of others, and now it is, is hearing the calling. And my life is meant to be more than this. I need to step up. I need to do something I need support.
Though that either those are the women. You’re calling in. Like I’m here. Yeah.

Kasia 35:10
Yeah, that Yeah, yeah, I understand all of us the block or half as like, they are, like, I understand how important that says, I work with people. So I also know what what, what is the transformation that can take place? For some reason, it’s difficult for me to believe that they will be willing to pay for it. Yeah.

Esther 35:36
Can you make a post in the group and like a really heartfelt post. Like it’s almost like you’re close your eyes and you write it and just let the words come from source. It’s you just let it flow through you. And then you tell them this is the idea I have for course, and this is the album Come and this is who I believe it’s for. And this is how those women will feel afterwards.
And, but I am stuck. Because I don’t know. I don’t believe people actually buy from me.
So and then and then just tell them I want you to tell me that my work is important. Because I need I need I need your love. Just ask for their love.

Kasia 36:42
Perfect. I will

Esther 36:44
yes because that’s that’s all you need is you need confirmation now now you got confirmation from outside. Now the information the confirmation needs to come from inside so do whatever it takes. Go and do tapping. Nope. Tap do confirmations and get all the hypnosis and stuff out there, that your work is really important and they do deserve to get paid for it. If they don’t go to you, they go to Tony Robbins. They go to any bloke who is more than willing to go like, Sure, come to me. I’ll fix you.

Kasia 37:36
Yeah, yeah, thanks a million. I can see like, where the real work is. Yeah.

Esther 37:43
And then I think I genuinely don’t believe there is anyone out there who hasn’t felt like that who hasn’t been sold something online and then it fell flat on its face. It happens. To everyone, including me.
Okay. So this your book is going to go and really promote the living daylights out of this book.
Make it fun. Make it deep. Create a community be out there.

Kasia 38:26
Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that’s that’s really inspiring. Okay. Thank you very much.

Esther 38:33
A big big hug because this is this is a lot, right? Yeah. So give yourself space to heal this. Because it’s probably all shifts that comes up right now. Of course.

Kasia 38:49
Yeah. Okay. Really appreciate

your farewell and go and change the world. I’ll try. I will

Thank you.

Loes is wondering how to combine her artistic nature with selling. Does she only sell what feels right to her as an artist? Is it ok to make money from her art? She has an online exhibition coming up and being visible makes her nervous.

Esther 39:18
Are we getting an update on the art?

Loes 39:22
Yeah, well, it is it. My question is about the art. Yes. And because I noticed that there’s something funny going on right now now. And he’s grown at times, you can see that I’m sitting here and dead. My art is in the background. And a lot of people have commented on me on that in the past few weeks. Yeah, so I’m kind of coming out as an artist. Yeah. Which is bloody scary. But I’m doing it anyway. So that feels quite good. And even because I work at school, But for higher education, and some students didn’t have an assignment, so they’re organising an online Expo for me. And it’s on June 4 starts on June 1. So Well, I’ve got something to do. So I had to have all my paintings photographed, which I did. I know put them online. And so that’s a lot, a lot of work that I haven’t done for a couple of years. Yeah. But I’m finally getting to it. But this is what I find hard is that there’s the difference between what I want to achieve with my art and also the other goal. Oh, yeah. What I want to achieve is that well, people just stop and wonder and feel whatever they are feeling well, that it has an effect. But I’m not organising an explanation for debt only because I also want to sell get So that’s what I’m kind of. Yeah, that’s what I was wondering about this morning’s like, Okay, so how am I going to deal with this? And you’re balancing the two, or am I just going to go for I want to sell and do whatever feels right to sell it. But I don’t really know. It sounds a bit awkward.

Esther 41:24
I can hear you. Yeah. So it’s, the question actually is, am I allowed to make money with my art?

Loes 41:37
knowledge? No, not really. I just I, I kind of need a focus because I’m allowed to, I’ve got the very clear goal and I want to have my own house. So in order to achieve that, I have to start selling my art. Yes. So

Esther 41:54
how much how many paintings Do you need to sell to get the first part of the house So that’s a good one.

Loes 42:03
I have to make it more. I have to do my calculations there because I know how much money I need, but I don’t know.

Esther 42:10
Okay, what you can do is I’m sort of translated into a wall. Like if I have a wall over there. It’s like one painting if I have a door, it’s like a little painting it just make it like, really like you’re building the house. Based on your own. That would be cool. Because then I can also say, well, it’s this this amount because it represents the gear yours in a minute. Oh, no, you’re not telling the other people. This is for you on Sunday for me. give a shit about your wall.
They would only they would only work if you were building a school in Africa. And that’s true. Yeah, this is for you. This is about you. Upgrading your own life.

Loes 43:01
Yeah, that’s true.

Esther 43:02
So I’m reading your life my life and my friend my family and for that I’m going to sell my art Yeah. Now exhibition is a whole is different from a sell it from from being a gallery

Loes 43:20
yeah it’s also a way for me to get over the kind of the hurdles we selling my art so it’s for me it’s a good first step because I know that for that online exhibition, I will invite the people that I don’t dare to speak to like this. Yeah, so the art galleries that are here in the in my town. Yeah, I will send them an invitation. And I will try to contact them to see if they’ve been there and stuff like that. So it’s a kind of a way to make it easier for me because now it will already be online. I can share it. It’s easier. Because I really I really don’t get I have no debts. To now to sell anybody my heart.

Esther 44:06
Um, selling is different from exhibiting? Yeah. Especially if you’re wanting to sell it to everyday people like us. Right? Yeah.
Almost no one can see what a work of art will look in her house.

Loes 44:33
Yeah, well, I do have a tool for that where I’ve put my art Now, using the tool that you can show people what it would look like. Yeah. Great. So that’s, that’s important. Yeah, I know. That’s also why. If you put it in a gallery, then you won’t see the same thing as when you look behind me, for example, because then you see how it looks in the context of the house.

Esther 44:56
Yeah. So it’s basically what you need to figure out. out is there are a couple of things.
If you sell it, it’s that you basically tell people, hey, this is how your house will change when this goes from here to you. Yeah.
But you need to be really clear. It’s like thank you hanging over there.
So the tool is very important, but you need to put the tool in their heads.
I need to think about this.
The people from school who are creating the exhibition, yeah. How are they going to do this? Just like an image?

Loes 46:03
well, I can add all kinds of stuff. So the start is that you walk in, and then there are images of the of the of the paintings, but with some I had already added, so like sound fragments, why I can add any video. And once you approach it like in your own environment, you can add stuff. So there’s like one painting that’s based on the CCN about bar. There, I’ve made a little recording with the music in the background and telling what I’ve done.

Esther 46:33

Loes 46:34
I’m thinking about stuff like that. And I also want to have a room which is like, the exposition curated by my kids. So they will put in what they like.
And the tell why they like it. So that because now is the time because then I can also connect with the other parents who say, Okay, this is what my kids think. Yeah, or whatever. Yeah.

Esther 47:00
Start by selling by the famous red dots. This one is sold.
Yeah, so pre sell one one of the paintings, even though it might not be sold. It’s just a name that this one has already sold. It’s a very easy way to go from. You can just look at it and that’s it, too. But you can buy this Yeah. So there is a it’s a difference of going into a museum or go into a gallery. So if you imagine it’s a gallery and other museum is for sale.

Loes 47:43
Yeah. Yeah, well, that’s also what I’m was kind of thinking of this morning like, Okay, what if, then then it goes into the money stuff. Like what what if people can’t afford a painting but they do want to support me, blah, blah, blah. Should I offer something else?

Esther 48:00
You’re You’re not a lost cause.

Loes 48:03
No, that’s, that’s what I was thinking, well,

Esther 48:06
no one is going to buy a painting from you to support them. They need to support themselves.

Loes 48:14
Yeah. No, that’s true. The third was,

Esther 48:17
so it’s, it’s people you buy art because it looks amazing in your own house. So you make people fall in love with your art. Yeah.
And for that, you just really need to tell them, Hey, this is what it looks like.
And this, this is a painting that will genuinely change an entire wall because it’s so intensive.

Loes 48:45
Yeah. Well, it gets me thinking because I think I can also show that sometimes that you have a I have like a painting which I put up in my own bedroom. Yeah. And it is on a it’s on a great neutral wall. But isn’t it makes a lot of difference if you put it there or not. So maybe also by showing it and saying okay look at this really neat

Esther 49:07
to tell to show people and it’s like
if you buy you if you buy a beautiful dress somewhere then you buy it online you really want to almost feel what the what the texture feels like so there is an image of the texture really up close and there is a maybe there’s an image with a hands near near it. So it’s so it’s all about giving it extra depth, making it make it really relatable to people. Now we can actually really see it in their own house. Yeah. And what you can do is so Susana, always in my mastermind. She has a gallery in Lexie. And what she does right now is she organises VIP.
Yeah. So so that people from one household can come together and then they get coffee and Bumbles and stuff and all the attention. And so they really have time to be with the art. So maybe you can do something like bring people zoom and and run and walk with them through the arts. And so you it’s you can offer a little extra surface. It says, Are you interested? Do you feel like one one of the work of artists calling your name? No, something like that. Yeah. Make an appointment here. And then it’s just like, there is a calendly link and I’ll run you through it. And so you just basically sit in front of the camera have to work of art with them, and then they sit in front of their wall. And then they can see if it’s a fit. Yeah.

Loes 51:14
Yeah, that’s also that’s, I think that’s really interesting to do that to give like an extra experience and also seeing how it looks when it’s in a room. And if they can imagine that it’s the same for them.

Esther 51:25
Yeah, that’s a good review. Like if you know it, so it’s not, it’s your number one. Loes Visscher is an artist.
Repeat this after me.

Loes 51:43
Well, I can repeat it. Loes Vissher is an artist.

Esther 51:48
And you can buy her art you can buy my art.

Loes 51:52
Yeah, yeah, that’s true. Yeah. Let’s get it going.

Esther 51:58
Yeah. And it’s it’s And then whatever if if it helps you to build your house then then that’s where it sort of the money needs to. If there is a clear idea of where the money is going, it’s easier to attract it.

Loes 52:17
And that’s what I’ve noticed, because people are seen so I kind of realised like, Okay, this is the way that I’m going to be able to achieve what I want. That’s when everything starts kicking in because people say, Oh, that’s beautiful art. Who’s painted it? Well, it was me.

Esther 52:37
You want to buy it? Yeah, that’s what the conversation is not Do you want to buy it? The conversation is it’s this is about pricing.

Loes 52:56
Because people are afraid to ask

Esther 53:00
Yeah, you might say it’s it’s 10,000 euros and then they don’t know what to say then and go like, Oh, that’s a lot of money. So you need to be confident with the prices. Yeah. Here I think

Loes 53:21
I’m getting there i think but

Esther 53:23
yeah, so you wanna
you are selling your own art.

Esther 53:41
That always means that people can actually buy it straight from your gallery straight from your affiliate straight from the working place. Yeah, there is no one in there. There is no in between gallery which makes it probably more affordable for people. You Because if they go for the gallery, it will be a whole different place. What might work also is to have a page or your own website where people can buy the art as well. Because they will, they will check you out. So it’s where they can see the size, the material. Is it framed? Is it not framed? How will they receive it? Will it be all beautiful paksy bubbly plastic and stuff? Will you come and hang it? Or will they need to do with themselves? What does the back side look like? Is there a little? What is the frame like? Is the frame included? Can you buy without a frame? What How will How will it be shipped? All those questions need to be answered. Yeah.

loes 54:56
What did you recommend for pricing is like would you say well, it’s including Shipping, because that’s why I’m doubting about very much like because I kind of go for like this. And I thought, well, if I have to ship it to, I don’t know, dreaming of the Gulf states because then I can put a zero behind all my meetings.

Esther 55:16
I think do it without shipping because you’re not bold or calm.

Loes 55:25
Yeah, the sort of our people expecting it to say, Okay, if I have to ship it, then then there’s an extra charge because I think that’s quite logical.

Esther 55:38
it depends if if the work of art is 10,000

Loes 55:43
Yeah, okay. Well, that’s good. I might. Yeah.

Esther 55:49
so it’s all contextual. Yeah, I think I would do, I would not not do not include it because. You don’t make money with shipping.

Loes 56:04
No. So the shipping is a separate thing. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Thanks. And if a work of art if it’s 750 and then

Esther 56:19
also Oh, by the way, then the shipping doesn’t matter.
also find see if there if a payment plans is possible. So if if something is over 2000, then tell people they can buy into terms or so. Right.

Loes 56:39
Now, I’m not at that stage yet.

Esther 56:42
Which imagine,

Loes 56:44
yeah, okay, I can understand. Yeah. Yeah.

Esther 56:49
This is help.

Loes 56:50
Yeah, this helps. I can go on again.

Esther 56:53
Thank you very much. You’re very welcome. Sell loads and make make make noise.

Loes 56:59
Yeah. We’ll make start start.

Esther 57:04
The idea of that what you got there is for sale is something that you can bring into the world now already. So it can be something like a post that said, what was the work behind you? That says, I’m wondering where this work will end? Your road will end up if it’s, if it will be in a in a house or newlyweds or you know, something like that? Yeah,

Loes 57:41
yeah, we’ll do. That’s a good one as well. Yeah.
Okay, thank you very much.

Esther 57:49
Good luck with it. Have fun. No.

Loes 57:53
Yes, I will. Okay. Thank you.
Paja wants to rebrand her business and website. She wonders how she can focus on her clients and how to make the website original and stand out. She’s looking for her USP.

Paja 58:58
So I would like to ask you,
an interior designer with special 84 children’s room and children’s spaces. And I would like to do new websites and rebranding of websites because especially his new thing.
specialisation with no specialty but specific stylization on children’s room. And I would like to know how to focus on my clients. What’s, what’s special I can I can offer them and how to create those website with some original way and how to sell it. Exactly in a original way.
Oh, questions? Yes.
Okay, can I get a I love your specialisation that you rose. That’s so cool. Thank you.

Esther 60:18
So why did you choose that?
Right? Why did you choose the children’s rooms?

Paja 60:26
Because they could be a really origin or with a lot of girls at the end I love Carlos. And those patterns on curtains for example, and original decorations, and I can make something special for for every child. So it’s really original way how I feel. Those who don’t seal spaces and those rooms.

Esther 60:58
So who are you clients?

Paja 61:02
Right now, my clients are children, but they parents who are like more practical and they like those things, but they cannot make it they cannot they cannot have to say in when data this, this harmonic space

Esther 61:33
so, what is the difference between hiring you and buying a magazine that helps me to decorate my child’s room. Convince me

Paja 61:54
if you had me, I can focus on your special little And special special special space and I can focus your special child so I can ask him what about him what she or he would like to have in in his or her room. And I can create something really special for them.

Esther 62:25
Okay, so what I hear is that you work with the child. Yeah, yeah. This is already very special. Really? Yeah. Because normally it’s like the parents tell. We want the we want this or we want that. So you really work with the child?

Paja 62:45
Yeah, yeah. I’ve read like a day they should be comfortable with today or a woman. They should like it.

Esther 62:55
Yeah. So your clients Need to see that this is a unique approach. Mm hmm.
So you need to play with that. So it could be something like
yours, you’re, not it’s not the right word is am.
I come back to that.
So, how does it work? Someone hires you and then

Paja 63:38
and then ask them what they want. They always told me that they would like to have space for sleeping and everything and I said okay, but I would like to have something, something or origin or something. What What’s unique So, I would like to ask children what they like special some special animals or some special hobbies or something like that and I asked you them if they like it and and after that I I can find some original original painter or or artist and we can can create together something really, really cool and and children like it

Esther 64:37
I’m so it’s a dream of the child
yeah still you need to really convince me here but is it my out bye bye
okay um I still need to know Why I would hire you and not just take my kids to IKEA and do it myself

Paja 65:09
because because people cannot imagine that room we did it for insure danger need to see it may be in in those in that space, you may see it and they can buy it but I can show them in 3d 3d model how I can do it and they said yes, yes. Okay they can they can’t imagine the whole room. Yeah.

Esther 65:51
Um How do you show up right now what what is your rent look like?

Paja 65:59
Right now? I have a very old website and, and also photos with summary realisations and two Facebook pages.
One is for for children’s room and another for another project. So

Esther 66:25
yeah, this thing. Yeah. Um, how often are you on Instagram?
Now get on Instagram today in order to be on Instagram. Okay, so this is I can tell you your brand’s because I can so clearly see you
it’s if I look at you, you are a colourful person yeah but you’re also So you’re very bright. You have this beautiful face. And and your surrounding is your surrounding is. Everything is well thought of. I mean, I don’t see anything that is just as random there. So you’ve been thinking about every step right? Now I want you to feel Instagram with yourself and your surroundings and the work you did for other people.
We have picture every day
and don’t go for perfect. But you go for the best possible thing. Effort every day. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Yay. And picture

Paja 67:51
of water if you mean some curl for physical colour for things or something like that.

Esther 67:58
Check a Photoshop projects you’ve done
what you have photos of your own surroundings, you know, part of that that curtain behind you and a small part of the of the white, the white cardboard picture.

Paja 68:17
Okay, okay. Yeah, I can do it. Yeah. Yeah. I sorry.

Esther 68:24
I was wondering about some playful, playful advertisement like I mentioned or something like that. I don’t know.
Let’s say like a like animation

Paja 68:41
or something creative to do.

Esther 68:44
Yeah, well you can do whatever you want. You need to be on Instagram.
Okay, so number one be on Instagram every day and set it up like I’m doing. I’m the magician who was Going to make your child’s dream come true. Hmm, yeah. And then your your child’s interior decorator. How cool is that? I mean, they pay you. But you’re you’re the interior decorator Who says I work for your child’s. Amy, I work for your chance.

Paja 69:27
Thank you. That sounds very, very good.

Esther 69:31
It’s so different something were they looking for you?
Do you want to work mainly one on one with clients or do you also want to do something like a like an online course or something?

Paja 69:48
Maybe later Now, I would like to be visible more and after that maybe I can do something like interior design course for children room and faces and stuff.

Esther 70:01
Because you could make a course for parents and their children.
So they can Yeah, they can do together. Yeah. That’s fantastic. I know
for now it’s really about building it up. It’s showing up. It’s it’s bringing an idea in people’s heads. Because Yeah, out there. It’s a very unique idea. Yeah.

Paja 70:25
Yeah. Thank you very much. That’s very helpful. Yeah.

Esther 70:30
What you can do is do a weekly life office hour and then stream it into your Facebook and maybe also Instagram.

Esther 70:51
Do you follow apartment therapy

Paja 70:55

Esther 70:56
Apartmrent therapy.
They’re out there is a tome on Instagram.

Paja 71:13
I don’t know it

Esther 71:14
So go and so what they do is they make like little bit. So fragment therapy is specific for people who live in small apartments. Yeah. And so they show if you if you you can put a painting up there and then one there and this is how you do it. Mm hmm. And so you can start giving small tips because probably people so we would you because your your approach is different. So that approach needs to be out there. Yeah, you’re free. Did you give away too much because people are not allowed. They cannot do this for themselves.

Paja 71:57
Yeah, yeah, I know that. Yeah.

Esther 71:59
Because because they actually they do go to IKEA and then they think that if they bring three things from IKEA and they put it in a room and everything is magically transformed, and somehow morning ready yeah, yeah.
Describe the pain. Mm hmm. So it’s basically you basically say, hey, do you think that if you go so your child is intro astronauts and and and you want to create a room where your child feels like an astronaut herself? So you went to are you frozen or am I frozen?
No, you’re back. Did you get the astronaut part?

Paja 72:48
I heard only your charges I stood up and

Esther 72:54
so you you start telling stories.
And you can completely make them up because they are they’re always real and, and and people always recognise something. So it could be. Oh, you’re doing Fung Shui as well. Yeah. So you can bring Fung Shui in children’s rooms.

Paja 73:19
Yeah, I’m working with energy in that space also. Okay. And now you’re telling me

Esther 73:31
even more amazing, so you can Fung Shui children’s rooms.

Paja 73:37
Yeah, yeah.

Esther 73:41
Hello. Do you see how unique this? No
it’s really it’s really unique. It’s really unique. Okay. It’s so nice. I love it.
Oh, amazing. Get to know you.
It’s very Nish. So I have a very strong intuition so I can do everything with energy in space. So it’s so cool. And so you basically set up a space for people’s children where they can grow up and be happy. And be be themselves and and how, how amazing is that?
It’s really amazing.
Really, really amazing. Yeah.

Paja 74:45
I’m really happy.

Esther 74:49
Yeah. So this is about sharing, sharing, sharing, sharing, and it’s and it’s very much about does it feel like your child is always tired? Or do you feel there is more in your child but or do you find it hard to communicate with your child?
This is this is what we can do.
And you can actually, now already start with online consultancy, and just ask people to bring the camera into the room. And you can tell them exactly. So it could be like a small one hour offer so

Paja 75:38
Yeah, that sounds perfect.

Esther 75:44
Do you do you work in English or

Paja 75:49
not now, but maybe later. Now I would like to be in Czech Republic. That Yes, yeah. And after that, Maybe I can expand, expand. Yeah.

Esther 76:06
so unique. You do not focus on the children in your in your branding, you focus on the parents, the parents pay you and you so you focus on parents who love their children who know that changing house requires more than a trip to IKEA or reading a magazine about, but you do target people who care for their surroundings and who care for their children. Mm hmm. And who can afford to hire you?

Paja 76:59
Yeah. It’s, it could be expensive for me, anyway.

Esther 77:06
No, it’s not. It’s it’s what it’s, it’s worth what it’s worth. Yeah. Okay. So don’t use the word expensive. Mm hmm.

Paja 77:19

Esther 77:23
Do you know what to do right now?

Paja Instagram first. Yeah, and after that. Yeah. I need to focus on.

Esther 77:39
Nope, we’re stuck again.
I’m not stuck, right. Can anyone let me know if I’m still moving?
Okay, I’m fine. Okay, bye. I think you’re stuck.
So, if you listen to this later Paja, get on Instagram, share stories share what it feels like for families to have you in the house to change a room that will change a child. If a child is feeling okay, the entire family’s feeling okay? That is your message, a wholesome family who’s live who lives in an amazing house and where every member of the family is happy, and the house looks amazing. So if you see this later, then this is going to be amazing. Okay.

Mandev (Luisa) wants to know how to get more people into her membership and if it’s worth it to open her membership at this point with few attendees. She also finds out that she has a pricing problem. she is seriously undercharging for her services and overdelivering.

Mandev 79:38
My name is Luisa I’m sorry I was in a in a Kundalini class and as my spiritual name so okay, yeah I have so I’m a yoga teacher and I, yeah I posted in the group last week that I was having some trouble opening my membership If not not opening, it’s open but like having people coming into the new membership. So I also came to the conclusion that I don’t have people enough so I wanted to get more people enough more people like into my list. So what I have done now, I have a very nice, I have a beautiful course that is called 12 magical intentions and I have it in English and in Spanish. And I launch it every Full Moon, but now I have decided to launch it every four full moons so it will take three months. And actually it’s a course where people get 12 modules. Each module is on one topic like relationships, relationships, letting go forgiveness help and each module is with an angel and is with us. colour and it’s with a tax task. So they have to really work on the relationships or health or at the end of this 12 days journey or 12 modules journey, they have already a very good idea of who they are and what they want and they what they want to let go. And so we do workshops, like very guided on a dream board, create a dream board, but a dream board The way I see it, is not just to put things from, you know, from like a Ferrari or a house or, but it’s like, that’s why we do the whole process so that we really get clear on what we want. And then we create our dream board but it’s with guided meditations. I deliver yoga classes on that course I deliver ketogenic recipes and meditation.

Esther 82:04
So, this is this is all that is in the membership.

Mandev 82:07
No that that’s the course of magical intention. And yes, that is a part of the membership, but a way to get people into the membership is Look, this is me, this is what I offer. And in the membership you will have this much more like in depth, but the first approach to that membership would be the course. So I am so yet that’s because I don’t have that many people. I have done something very, very crazy. But I will I did it already and today I just got 70 people. I just posted in a new group in a group that I am with 1000 people I said I’ve decided to give free yoga classes during let’s say 10 days who is in Send me a message through WhatsApp. So they send me a WhatsApp now and I am adding then I say, Okay, thank you please opt in here and I’m creating now my landing page where they are giving me their emails but I have 70 in 10 hours.
So what what am I raise my hand is to share this and to maybe ask for more ideas because I know you said like one month is too early to say that a membership is not working. Yeah. But the way I see it is like a membership. I have two people now. I am always like, Oh, these two people but I have to get them and I feel in a constant launching with the membership constantly launching while the magical intention is going to be four times a year. So the energy is different. And then the membership is about four year euros per month, while magical intentions is now has a launch price of 879. And then it will be 145. So I think, Okay, well, yeah.

Esther 84:20
Where are we having a price thing here? And yeah, and it’s an energy thing. What is the outcome? The outcome of the membership? How will they be transformed?

Mandev 84:38
Yeah, well, it’s people who actually it’s, it’s, let’s say it’s directed to visit a woman who are mostly working from home and when you work from home, you Really don’t get like very good idea of what to cook what to do how to maintain your health. So that we will get like healthier by easy ways of you know like quick yoga sequences, easy recipes, recipes and much more you get much more aware.

Esther 85:24
Do you know what your obstacle is? No, you give too much.

Mandev 85:31
I give too much.
I know
Yeah, I over the lever. I know.

Esther 85:38
Yeah, yeah. So can we just make a pact now that you are going to stop over delivering? Okay, because it is also overwhelming for people.

Mandev 85:52
Yes, I’ve noticed that. I am. I am fully aware of that. But you know, the thing is that I want to create like, extra value because yoga classes you find everywhere yoga classes. So okay if I can combine yoga classes

Esther 86:12
if you provide extra value because of lack because of a feeling of lack people will feel that.

Mandev 86:20
Yeah, you’re right. Thank you.

Esther 86:27
So let’s get this straight membership will help you
What is the promise do they get do they get? Do they get a clear recipe and effort each day or do they get there recipe for the entire week. What do

Mandev 87:04
they get? weekly recipes? Yeah, let’s say I mean plan, a meal plan and an app. Yeah, of course at some point. I will have to repeat the recipes because yeah,
it’s a weekly eating plan. Class.
Yoga semi weekly yoga class.
They get a class each week.

Esther 87:34

Mandev 87:37
It could be live. I haven’t decided that yet. I have a lot of I have. Yeah, I have. I can deliver it live or videos.

Esther 87:46
So basically, so it’s 10 euros a week for a yoga class.

Mandev 87:54
No, they paid 39

Esther 87:56
Yeah, but then it’s 10 today for 10 euros each. Week. Yeah, you have one yoga class. Okay, extra. You mean No, no. That’s what it is. So it’s yoga for 10 bucks. Okay. No, no, no, this is what it is because it’s 39 so you go Oh, I get what you mean.
This is what you do. You give them one live because then it will be great value is one life, class. Life with you camera on and then they just follow you. And then they get the weekly eating plan. That’s it. Yes. Okay. Yes, they are in a group with other women. Yeah. Who all can be together and exchange ideas, but this is nothing against this is the membership 39 and then over time you go up in price.

Mandev 89:27
That’s perfect. Thank you.

Esther 89:29
Okay. Oh my god. I get it now.
So you need to make it really clear that this is what it is. So it’s, it’s the food is helping them it’s like buy this go there. Do this done.

Mandev 89:53
Yes, this yoga class it’s they either can do it by themselves or their bring the family. That’s to them. Okay, but it’s, it’s it’s you need to make it nice in here Okay, yeah. Yes.

Esther 90:14
Now the programme you could do the programme as an upsell from the membership.
So if you are in the membership and the upsell is the other is the other programme.
So if you focus on bringing people in the membership and which means that so there are there are two ways you can do it you can either, you can have the open cart, open cart system or you have the closed cart system.

Mandev 90:53
I thought I was going to do the closed cart with the And then I thought I don’t want to I want I want people to be, I want people to be able to join anytime. It’s still me means that you need to launch it. Yeah, it still means that you need to get all the attention. And once you’re at 1000 members or so, things will become easier.

Esther 91:23
That it’s the same amount of work to sell some someone something for 39 or 19 as it’s selling someone for 2000 or 3000 or 4000. Thousands. Yeah, it’s the same amount of work.
So if you thought it was easy money, then I need to disappoint you because it’s not. However, it is an amazing a membership is an amazing way to have more people in your help more people?

Mandev 92:04
yeah, that’s actually that’s the initial idea but I you what you are saying now it’s how I add the add the beginning thought, but because you’re saying membership and then the upsell would be the programme while the courts actually i thought was the opposite first programme and then Okay, that’s what I do. come enjoy for longer in the membership. You can do both. You can go both way Yeah, yeah. Okay. But the 12 week programme?
Did you say it’s, it’s $71 79 euros

Mandev 92:48
until until the 20 for the first 10 people who join and I have now three people join and that is from when is going to go up 240

Esther 93:02
That’s three months
it’s the problem with the price Yeah, that’s your it’s so super affordable but it’s confusing to people because it’s it’s it The price is lower 32 the model price for your membership. Yeah.
So you really need to look at your pricing

Mandev 93:37

Esther 93:39
Maybe the membership a bit higher or the or the programme a bit lower so that the membership is okay
but okay so the maintenance programme is a little bit too cheap. A you need to make a lot of if you go to the into the membership. and go to the resources.
There is the financial plan so you can get the map out how much money you make. Okay, so now something that is 71 or 79, whatever. Three months of work.
You need to sell a lot of sports.

Mandev 94:31
No, but it’s not 79 it’s 147.

Esther 94:33
Yeah, but still, I still okay.

Mandev 94:36
I was thinking something like 333333 like 300 something, it’s going to be something like that. Maybe then,

Esther 94:46
what I what I think you need to do is get three pieces of paper and then focus and then write three prices on the panel.
And then you mingle it so you don’t know what’s what’s written in it. And then you’re connected to the devine. And then you go and stand on that piece of paper.
And then it’s when you feel the energy go straight through. It’s your price if it feels like you stop, if not, then I’m pretty sure that the low price for three months now,

Mandev 95:32
so you recommend something above 200 anyway, I don’t know.

Esther 95:36
I don’t know I’m asking you to be Okay. Okay.

Mandev 95:40
Okay, great. That’s a great strategy. Thank you so much.
Thank you for having me.
I have to go because barbecue is ready.
But you gave me great ideas and, and you open my eyes,

Esther 95:57
great and building memberships. is it’s a tendency to get attention, get attention, get attention. So one day wonder,

Mandev 96:10
No, I know. Yeah. Thank you so much. Yeah.
Yes. Thank you.

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