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We created this Show Yourself Progress report so that you can measure if your actions change something. The easiest way is to print it and check every day if something is changing.

I will tell you exactly HOW to do this on Day 1, Monday June 14, but I invite you to start thinking about this:

“If I know what I want (what I really, really want) what do I give permission to ruin my dream.”

Let me give you a clue: It’s NEVER more strategy (though the right strategy will help you eventually), it’s ALWAYS limiting beliefs around:

‘I’m not good enough, Other people are better, It’s not interesting, Other people are more interesting than me, I don’t deserve success, ‘Our kind of people’ will never be rich, Wealthy people are assholes,  I’m too fat /old/young/ugly/beautiful too show myself, If I tell people that I’m a psychic/priestess/aura-see-er/ healer they will think I’m crazy, etc. etc.’

Listen, I have heard it all, literally nothing you think or say surprises me anymore. So, if these thoughts are not serving you anymore, are you willing to replace them with thoughts that WILL serve you?

Bring your questions and thoughts to the call on Wednesday 16 (you can even ask me your question, fill out the form on the ‘Welcome’ page.