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Here are three actions that you can take today to fully optimize your Social Media and capture the attention of people (so that they become clients) Don’t let people guess what you can do for them. People will google you, they will go through your social to check if you are really that amazing person you claim to be. An aligned feed is super important.

Follow the videos, implement immediately and let us know in the Facebook group when you did everything. Do this as soon as possible so that you are ready to dazzle the world with your posts, selfies and truth bombs. 

Have fun! 


Capture attention on Social Media

You might not always be aware of this, but people will google you and they will check your Social Media. Even though you might think only friends can you see what you do, there are quite a couple of things visible for non-friends.

A feed and social media presence that is aligned with ‘who you claim to be’ will make the difference between ‘I trust you’ and ‘I don’t trust you’. Follow the steps  and implement immediately. 


How to create a Facebook Cover photo

You Facebook Cover is a great way of showing what you do. Because people look at their social media at different platforms it can be a bit tricky to find the right format. I tell you exactly how to do it, so that your cover is visible on your (clients) phone, desktop, etc. 

Take a screenshot when you’re ready and share in the Free Facebook group *no links* 


How to set up your Instagram

Instagram has notoriously little space for text, but when you it wisely it’s a powerhouse. Follow all the steps, implement, take a screenshot and share it in the Free Facebook group *no links*