Wonderful Selflovepreneur to be


Day One

I guide you on a deep visualisation where you meet your Spirit Business Team. 

Monday, March 28, 4:00 – 4:25 PM/CET Meet your Spirit Business Team
✔︎ Esther will guide you through a unique Live Visualization that will connect you to your team. I advise you to be there live (yes we also record it and you can listen to it as often as you want and deepen the connection.)


Video: Spirit Business Team Day One


00:02:50 Kari Gravdal: Norway
00:02:51 Magdalena Ellverson: hello from Sweden
00:02:53 Jamie Patterson-Kaulmann: Hi, I am Jamie. I am from Kansas and live in Basel Switzerland 🙂
00:03:02 Francine: hi from Amsterdam
00:03:04 Katy Purviance: I’m from California, but I’m living in Albania
00:03:26 simone: Hello , my name is Simone Chicago
00:16:29 Joannie van Rijswijk: It’s magnificent!!
00:16:59 Magdalena Ellverson: Where do we find the work book?
00:17:30 Tasha Wardle: Yes it is isn’t it @joannie!🤩
00:19:28 Tasha Wardle: @magdalena its here https://members.bravebusinessacademy.com/spirit-business-team/
00:20:02 Francine: thank you
00:21:44 Tasha Wardle: Our spirit team are here to help us shine in our zone of genius
00:33:49 Joannie van Rijswijk: I’m sorry, There’s something I need to attend to unexpectedly. I will listen to the recording later on.
00:33:59 Joannie van Rijswijk: Thank you so much! <3
00:50:23 pia: Haven´t seen anything
00:50:37 Barbora Vlasáková: maybe a shadow of a bear
00:50:39 Jamie Patterson-Kaulmann: I didn’t see but I felt the presence of my ancestors
00:50:48 Kateřina Čížková: I definitely need help with my pelvic area :-))
00:50:57 Maja Sabolek: could really connect, too much noise around where I live…
00:51:14 Kateřina Čížková: I added a new member to my spirit team
00:51:19 Maja Sabolek: couldn’t…
00:51:27 Francine: i did see friends and ancestors
00:51:34 Ragna – Ragnheiður Guðjónsdóttir: I saw/felt both ancestors, archangels and people that is alive both people I know and not.
00:51:36 Teresa aka PlantSpiritGirl: I’ll try to drop in on the replay.
00:51:37 Christina Warren: I saw darkness as a form and feel I Need to embrace my own darkness
00:52:02 Christina Warren: But the Darkness was sad and wanted to be seen
00:52:35 Kateřina Čížková: I really liked the meditation. Although, when you spoke about my account I burst into laughter 🙂
00:53:34 Christina Warren: I am naming “it” fluffy
00:53:45 Genoveva Faísca: Yes, I visualised things. But the feeling of loneliness is huge. I love being alone, much better than having supressive people around ( even if I love them) but I can’t achieve it all by myself. It’s all so heavy! And it goes from work life to love life, to the practicall cleaning stuff (or with houses falling appart and no help to arrange them…
00:53:57 Katie Rose: I had Ganesh, the Goddess Diana, Jesus, and Rapheal
00:54:21 Katy Purviance: Thank you very much – I’ve got to run! I’ll watch the rest on the replay. Thank you!
00:55:09 Katie Rose: OH! and I had a Phoenix that blasted the top of my head off
00:56:12 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: https://members.bravebusinessacademy.com/spirit-business-team/spirit-business-team-day-1/
00:59:52 Anna Fastrová: it was huge, thanks. lots of happened. totally orgastic thing again. I have a co creator who I know and it is telling me again we should work together…somehow. intersting
01:01:04 Anna Fastrová: sign tričkem!
01:01:35 Anna Fastrová: signál tracker, that s wonderful
01:07:33 Hanna Sw: i’m on my phone, so can share picture later.
01:11:33 Veronique Mati: thank you so much, i will definitely do it again in my room tonight !
01:12:15 Ragna – Ragnheiður Guðjónsdóttir: Thank you so much <3