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Day Two

On day two you will learn the 6 Steps to True Growth and Understand your Spirit Teams advice

You get a unique (and Fun!) assignment that will strengthen and deepen your connection with your team. Expect miracles.

Tuesday, March 29, 4:00 – 4:45 PM/CET
Learn the 6 Steps to True Growth and Understand your Spirit Teams advice
✔︎ You get a unique (and Fun!) assignment that will strengthen and deepen your connection with your team. Expect small miracles.


Video: Spirit Business Team Day Two


00:05:25 Ragna – Ragnheiður Guðjónsdóttir: I felt some people – but some I asked to be on my team specifically.
00:05:43 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Wonderful, Ragna!
00:06:22 Ragna – Ragnheiður Guðjónsdóttir: Then I also have lack of deserving –
00:11:12 Ragna – Ragnheiður Guðjónsdóttir: 10
00:11:14 Viktorija Burinskiene: 9
00:11:15 Francine: 10
00:11:15 Dani (Team Esther): 10!!!
00:11:16 Maria Hovi: 10
00:11:17 Jenny Watt: 200000000
00:11:18 Lea: 10
00:11:20 Maja Sabolek: 10
00:11:20 simone: 10
00:11:28 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: 10!
00:11:33 Viktorija Burinskiene: 10
00:11:54 Arni: 10
00:12:37 Jenny Watt: I deserve what I desire
00:12:37 Dani (Team Esther): I DESERVE WHAT I DESIRE!!!
00:12:51 Viktorija Burinskiene: I deserve what I desire
00:12:52 Lea: l deserve what l desire!
00:12:53 Maria Hovi: I deserve what I desire 🙂
00:13:01 Anna Fastrová: I deserve what I desire…
00:13:02 Ragna – Ragnheiður Guðjónsdóttir: I deserve what I desire <3
00:13:06 simone: I deserve my true Hearts desire ❤️
00:13:08 Francine: I deserve all that I desire ❤️
00:13:10 Arni: I deserve it 100%
00:16:12 Dani (Team Esther): esther!
00:16:24 Jenny Watt: yes!!
00:16:40 Arni: Thick naht hahn
00:16:50 Anna Fastrová: my team is my ancestor tree, Eliška, Adam, my soul creators and light language
00:16:58 Dani (Team Esther): Michelle Obama
00:46:07 Maja Sabolek: it was interesting…
00:46:18 Francine: I was in two places
00:46:42 Janka: absolutely amazing:-)
00:46:44 simone: Wow 🤩 and I met a member of my spiritual business team
00:47:02 Arni: A place I am dreaming of for a ling time now.
00:47:05 Francine: A countryside place, hills and in my own shop in the city
00:47:20 Lia: a place that I’ ve dreamt before
00:47:23 Lea: seaside mostly
00:47:54 Anna Fastrová: it was fantastic home, and working place … near city, but in some village, it was completely genius… clients visting us, my team and partner… woooooooow
00:47:58 Ragna – Ragnheiður Guðjónsdóttir: I was in more than one place- My own place in Iceland, seaside house and a forest in Asia house.
00:51:28 Viktorija Burinskiene: I was in a new place. In a beautiful big house with beautiful garden. I was alone and very gorgeous. I saw my notebook with happiness recipes for clients. It was so nice to feel and see this visualization. Thank you very much
00:52:08 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Wow, Viktorija, amazing!
00:52:18 Anna Fastrová: I love Jakarta in 50’s 😀
00:55:00 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: https://nl.pinterest.com/EstherdeCharon/spirit-business-team/
00:56:32 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: So much fun to do this!
00:56:34 Anna Fastrová: wonderful
00:56:42 Lea: do l understand correctly we all use one and the same board?
00:56:45 Anna Fastrová: excited
00:56:45 Francine: relaxt
00:56:55 Ragna – Ragnheiður Guðjónsdóttir: A little lightheaded – but excited 🙂
00:57:15 Viktorija Burinskiene: enthusiastic
00:57:22 simone: I feel so elated ⭐️
01:03:54 Francine: question: how do we find each others Pinterests?
01:04:40 J ra: Thank you so much for this experience. We appreciate you
01:05:49 simone: I love that idea
01:06:09 Maja Sabolek: thnx <3
01:06:26 Viktorija Burinskiene: Thank you ❤️