Wonderful Selflovepreneur to be


Day Three

Call three is important for you ​IF…

✔️ your ideas wonderful, but you feel paralyzed at the same time.
✔️ you can be truly unkind to yourself.
✔️ you tried to build a business but got stuck after a while.
✔️ you are worried [or feel anxiety] about money, selling, launching, social media, offers, your website, marketing, etc.
✔️ you struggle signing up clients and selling your offer.
✔️it feels like you never make enough money.
✔️ you experience fear around making mistakes, not being good enough or showing your true power.
✔️ if you want a roadmap, but can’t find one
✔️ you want your business AND yourself to be rooted in love

​If that’s is you


Because you will get that Roadmap and your Spirit Business Team will be there to show you the way Because they LOVE YOU !

Wednesday, March 30, 4:00 – 4:45 PM/CET
Find the Magical Message
✔︎ You learn how to detect – and interpret – the messages that your Spirit Team is sending you. (yes! this one is fun too!)



MEETING CHAT MARCH 30, 2022 (Click to see the chat)

00:03:07 Lea: very tired
00:03:11 Francine: tired today
00:03:18 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Good and cold today.
00:03:25 Maja Sabolek: busy day… but more open <3
00:03:35 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: Wonderful. I am redecorating my flat so I am covered with paint…
00:03:52 simone: Good
00:07:41 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Ignore this please.
00:12:13 Maja Sabolek: doubt
00:12:14 Maria Hovi: not good enough
00:12:15 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: I do not deserve…
00:12:15 Francine: confused
00:12:17 Jenny Watt: depression, anxiety, hopeless
00:12:18 simone: Indecisive
00:12:22 Lea: frustration
00:12:23 Christina Warren: frustration
00:12:25 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Chaos
00:12:25 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: confusion, frustration
00:12:31 Genoveva Faísca: confusion, awe
00:12:47 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Overwhelm
00:12:54 Christina Warren: worried, can’t sleep
00:12:54 Maja Sabolek: fear
00:12:56 Francine: helplessness
00:12:58 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Stressed out
00:12:59 Jenny Watt: that’s me!! 🤣🤣
00:13:02 simone: Depression
00:13:03 Maria Hovi: hopelessness
00:13:04 Lea: I don’t want to get out of bed today
00:13:08 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: sad
00:13:08 Adalheidur Osk Kristjansdottir: me too
00:13:09 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: frozen
00:13:19 Maja Sabolek: freak out
00:13:22 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: panic
00:13:23 Francine: blown up mind
00:13:25 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Perfectionism, want to do everything
00:13:28 Jenny Watt: anger
00:13:28 Christina Warren: AARGH frustration – anger
00:13:32 Maria Hovi: anger
00:13:34 Lea: OMG, cant be hapening
00:13:37 Maja Sabolek: burn out
00:13:50 simone: Overwhelmed,
00:15:02 simone: When I see this photo I see staking my claim in the world
00:17:55 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: And hate into love
00:18:08 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Nasty word
00:18:35 Maja Sabolek: sure…
00:18:40 Christina Warren: Perfectionism, Loneliness
00:18:42 pia: Yes, all of them🙈
00:18:45 simone: Isolation
00:18:49 Francine: perfectionism and procrastination
00:18:51 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Perfectionism, procrastination,
00:18:55 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: perfectionism, imposter syndrome, undeserving
00:18:56 Mirjam: Me!
00:19:12 Jenny Watt: not deserving and procrastination
00:19:54 simone: ME !!!!!!
00:20:36 simone: The crow
00:22:00 Lea: all of them :S
00:22:23 Francine: Had all of them in my earlier jobs
00:22:43 Francine: found it yes
00:22:49 Francine: but have to build
00:23:32 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Roadmap
00:24:12 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Hi Natasha!
00:28:24 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: https://decharon.typeform.com/to/ZhAjvwEL?typeform-source=www.estherdecharon.com
00:29:12 Francine: yes
00:29:13 Tasha Wardle: Yes
00:29:14 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: yes
00:29:16 pia: yes
00:29:16 Maria Hovi: yes
00:29:19 Lia Bisbiki: yes
00:29:24 Christina Warren: yes
00:36:26 Lea: 3
00:36:27 Dani (Team Esther): i am fast mover level 2
00:36:32 Genoveva Faísca: level 2
00:36:32 simone: I was the diamond
00:36:35 pia: Level 2
00:36:43 Jenny Watt: 3explorer
00:36:53 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: 3
00:36:55 Francine: Have level 2, but I need all the marketing and branding get started
00:42:15 Genoveva Faísca: 3
00:42:20 Dani (Team Esther): 2. fast mover!
00:42:28 Lea: 2
00:42:41 Anna Fastrová: fast mover
00:42:47 Lia Bisbiki: 2
00:49:38 Lea: 2
00:50:00 Francine: My insight is that I need help to set it all up😇
00:50:05 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: 3
00:50:10 Francine: not now
00:50:13 Francine: I know
00:50:13 Genoveva Faísca: 2
00:50:19 Lia Bisbiki: 2
00:51:13 Genoveva Faísca: I needed help too… so I could go to my zone of genius and progride. Selling is NOT my zone of… competence.
00:56:11 Lia Bisbiki: 2 again!
00:56:19 Lea: 3
00:56:20 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: M< computer froze and I had to restart everything
01:01:48 Lea: 2
01:01:50 Francine: Finally I am on a rockstar level 😍
01:01:51 Maria Hovi: 2
01:01:53 Anna Fastrová: rockstar
01:01:56 pia: Ihm a rockstar 😀
01:01:57 Maja Sabolek: mostly 2
01:02:00 Genoveva Faísca: 2
01:02:05 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: finally 2 hah
01:03:21 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: oooh i love the bat!
01:05:01 Anna Fastrová: I finally have biz’bestie, happened today in breakout rooms with Arati 💜🧡✨
01:06:31 Baya: this is depressing for me
01:07:36 Genoveva Faísca: A bit depressing for me too. I feel so un helped…
01:07:56 Genoveva Faísca: 3 Explorer
01:08:24 Baya: i have no sisterhood
01:08:34 simone: Yes
01:08:52 Francine: still have to find it, but that will be there once
01:08:57 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: a little bit because I find it hard to connect with a group of women
01:09:14 Maja Sabolek: guess Im at the beginning just jet… 🙂
01:09:18 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: We are your sisterhood, Baya.
01:09:18 Lea: l think this awesome, it gives so much clarity
01:09:19 Lia Bisbiki: me too
01:09:19 simone: I couldn’t even take the brave leap
01:09:23 Arni: could your spirit team a “sisterhood”
01:09:26 Baya: its vulnerablev to open up
01:09:33 Baya: it takes time
01:09:38 Maja Sabolek: but it was interesting, opens up for possibilities
01:09:39 Dani (Team Esther): i felt like i have yet so many things to do for my brand
01:10:01 Maja Sabolek: ok
01:10:09 simone: Very sad 😢
01:10:10 Lea: alert, good
01:10:11 Francine: little bit of a headache 😁
01:10:25 Genoveva Faísca: I know strong people with whom I feel good with, but I can’t afford going anywhere.
01:13:34 Baya: sorry Esther. I have to leave now. thank you
01:17:10 Lea: gatefull
01:17:14 Maria Hovi: I feel beautiful and radiant
01:17:19 Francine: bit stressed out still
01:17:24 simone: Better more open to possibilities
01:17:26 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: You are amazing woman Esther. Thank you….
01:17:30 Maja Sabolek: ha da nice visualisation 🙂 thnx
01:17:40 Genoveva Faísca: Esther, you are a magician! Thank you!
01:17:43 Dani (Team Esther): this is so helpful. thank you Esther
01:18:42 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Oh I forgot the homework!!
01:18:49 Genoveva Faísca: You really dig into the dirt to find all those diamonds we have. And we DO have them!
01:19:41 Anna Fastrová: Hello Natasha, that sounds great
01:19:58 simone: Can’t wait
01:20:36 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: number
01:21:13 Arni: butterfly
01:21:16 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: a lone raven
01:21:17 Anna Fastrová: If I see a cat I’m on the right track or it is a yes!
01:21:19 Francine: I see hearts everywhere which are there by accident
01:21:32 Lea: time: 12.12 or 13.13 or 22.22 etc
01:21:35 Maja Sabolek: also feathers, and numbers…
01:21:37 Jenny Watt: 12:34
413 Change on the ground
01:21:41 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: Anna come to my house, i have 4 cats 😄
01:22:03 Tasha Wardle: White feather & feeling the sun suddenly falling on my face
01:22:17 Christina Warren: FEATHERS became my symbol way back in the 80.’s after reading Richard Bach’s ‘llusions’
01:22:23 Genoveva Faísca: A platanus leave (like the one on Canada’s banner)
01:22:25 Anna Fastrová: 😀 😀 I have a dog, but I chose cats cause there is lot of them in city I live 😀 😀 😀
01:23:24 Tasha Wardle: Songs are great signals!
01:23:49 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: yes 💜
01:23:51 Anna Fastrová: yeah I use songs like it everyday
01:25:35 Christina Warren: I can’t attend tomorrow but it sounds great!!
01:27:16 Christina Warren: Brilliant
01:27:45 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Homework: find your sign and share what is your sign
01:28:01 Genoveva Faísca: My big problem is about procratinastion. I am overwhelmed with stuff, from homework to creative urges and lost projects… and I end up checking the mail and playing chess online or other stupid things
01:28:11 Anna Fastrová: yes, beautiful
01:28:13 Francine: tnx a lot, ladies
01:28:20 Francine: wow
01:28:25 Valgerður Guðsteinsdóttir: ahh I’m training exactly at the same time tomorrow I think
01:28:40 Anna Fastrová: wow
01:28:40 Francine: nice ❤️
01:28:42 Maja Sabolek: nice 🙂
01:28:50 Arni: thanks a lot.
01:28:54 Maja Sabolek: cool
01:28:55 Anna Fastrová: thanks
01:28:58 Maja Sabolek: bye