Wonderful Selflovepreneur to be


Day Four

Coaching day

Transformational coaches Natasha and Esther are coaching you on fear, desire, entrepreneurship, the yellow brick road, happiness, money, selling, isolation, not seeing the road ahead.

We work with you like you are a clients of ours, we go all in.
I can guarantee you deep insights that you can use in your business immediately.

Thursday, March 31, 3:00 – 5:00 PM/CET
✔︎ 1. How to transform your business, brand, marketing, offers, and products by aligning to the whispers of your spirit business team,
✔︎ 2. The reason why you’re not making more money or why you’re not attracting more clients,
✔︎ 3. Identification of your real show stoppers: perfectionism, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, procrastination, etc.,
✔︎ 4. How much money you lose by following the ‘old ways’ instead of focussing on intuition and self-love,
✔︎ 5. How to master the art of choosing self-love to overcome inner obstacles


Video: Spirit Business Team Day Four

MEETING CHAT DAY FOUR MARCH 31, 2022 (Click to see the chat)

00:06:09 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Yes this morning with Esther at 11:11
00:06:11 Francine: I had a huge creative flow today 🙂
00:06:15 eliftepebasi: My first day today🙂
00:06:16 Jenny Watt: lots of inspiration
00:06:24 Anna Fastrová: yes, I’m having synchronicities crazy time whole March, but today I saw a few feathers
00:06:33 Samantha Carter: I got 11:11 this morning, too
00:06:37 Maja Sabolek: I had 14:44 🙂
00:06:40 Anna Fastrová: And visions are coming a lot
00:11:16 eliftepebasi: Which deck is it? Your decks are magical
00:15:28 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Esther can you show us the card deck?
00:17:40 eliftepebasi: This is a wonderful tribe, my 3rd year🙂
00:19:58 Anna Fastrová: yes, Elif 🧡✨so grateful for being in BL
00:42:41 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Thousands followers
00:44:23 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: https://www.estherdecharon.com/brave-leap-program/
00:45:40 simone: What is the money conversion to US dollars
00:46:49 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 273 dollars
00:51:06 Anna Fastrová: that’s the question of all questions..
00:53:05 Samantha Carter: Yes, I have it oo
00:59:23 Samantha Carter: WHat if I have so many things, but am not sure exactly what I want to do?
00:59:55 Anna Fastrová: you will find out soon by coaching calls and observation of the sisterhood
01:01:04 eliftepebasi: Things take time. Its my 3rd year and I hear, learn listening to the same thing.
01:01:27 pia: I think I’m still looking for the thing that is my zone of genius 😩
01:02:40 pia: @francine, let people put their name on a „waiting list“ so you can start already but they know that it needs some time
01:03:28 Anna Fastrová: I was starting online by myself almost a year and for a long time telling myself I can’t risk to invest in myself more and since I did it, huge transformation came and my crazy multipotential things came together, now I implemented all I love in one thing and the flow is working more and more. Money are coming back. My abilities grow rapidly. I connect more to my clients and they see my value..
01:03:31 Samantha Carter: I’d say that a true coach manages to help sb to bring to the world exactly the biggest true soul desire.
01:05:47 eliftepebasi: Its really true. In 3 years that’s what I did, take the next step and next step and I moved through lot of breakthroughs.
01:07:42 eliftepebasi: And this place is magical. Magic happens.
01:08:25 Lea: nmbr 1
01:08:26 Jamie Patterson-Kaulmann: 1
01:08:27 Francine: more money
01:08:30 Maria Hovi: 2
01:08:32 Maja Sabolek: 2
01:08:33 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: More money
01:08:49 Genoveva: 2
01:09:20 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: 3
01:09:38 Genoveva: Since pandemics, income is terribly low…
01:09:46 Maja Sabolek: actually it is more nr3
01:09:58 Lea: getting out of dept
01:09:59 Francine: independance
01:11:15 pia: Want to eliminate the „Have To“. I wanna do the things , including work, because I want to and not because I have to as it brings the money
01:12:06 Francine: earn a living 🙂
01:12:26 Francine: having 2000 a month to spend
01:12:34 Anna Fastrová: freedom to do what I love and not always wonder how I’ll make it next month
01:13:47 Jamie Patterson-Kaulmann: I will be able to hire a private teacher for my daughter and hire a team so I can become location independent. This will give me more freedom and the ability to spend more time with my family in the US, rather than the one trip a year in the summer we take now.
01:17:20 Genoveva: unburden? Unburdomness? if it exists…
01:25:17 Genoveva: I’d like to say something about the next step, and all that mapping. I THINK I can figure out the scheme, BUT… I all seems like a Mikado game.
01:25:44 Ragnhildur Gagga: yes
01:26:19 pia: The changing point for me was last year. Crossroads between trying by myself and going no where another year, or actually get some help. I was „ready“ by. Then. A.k.a. had enough for swimming in my own misery and finally took that freaking help. A year of coaching, mindset shifting etc. later I know that I need more help to get some business starting. Just a little stand in my own way because the little voice saying „you have to do it all by yourself“ tries to creep in ;-P
01:41:11 Ragnhildur Gagga: thanks
01:41:25 eliftepebasi: Thank you
01:41:40 Maja Sabolek: thank you this was very nice
01:41:55 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Trust!
01:42:09 eliftepebasi: Get off your own way
01:42:17 Ragnhildur Gagga: Bee
01:43:15 Francine: (simone, you are messaging to me, instead of to the group)
01:45:38 Anna Fastrová: it was lightening up the nape – throwing away loads of things, thoughts, burdens, all the crap..
01:49:19 eliftepebasi: 🥰
01:50:46 Anna Fastrová: yeeeees!
01:51:06 eliftepebasi: My heart opened up in this group😍
01:51:16 Anna Fastrová: it is so honest, but so supporting and when you see yourself small, other see you whole…
01:51:59 Viktorija Burinskiene: ❤️
01:53:05 Ragnhildur Gagga: 🙏
01:53:24 eliftepebasi: yes
01:53:27 eliftepebasi: Exactly this
01:53:49 eliftepebasi: Spiritual world tells you but in the 3d world when you don’t see it, it is tough.
01:54:07 pia: I know that very well, too. Telling people things about I’m excited about and they look at me as if I’m stupid, things like that, sucks!
01:54:08 Maja Sabolek: ❤️
01:54:42 Francine: that’s why a broke up my relationship seven years ago ☺️ it made me small
01:55:03 Ragnhildur Gagga: Light and LOve
01:55:04 eliftepebasi: It was a great talk Esther, thank you
01:55:24 Francine: ❤️ to you, simone
02:02:31 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: YES, that is clear. Wonderfully said, Esther.
02:03:12 Jenny Watt: I can make your WordPress site run smoothly, quickly and help you understand how to build Ave and update pages.
02:03:56 Ragnhildur Gagga: Have to go. Thanks
02:03:57 Anna Fastrová: I need you Jenny, I will totally ask you for help soon.
02:05:57 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Do you wake up in the middle of night and your website is not working?
02:06:10 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Jenny you are the answer!
02:06:58 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 1. Who is it for
02:07:02 Anna Fastrová: i did it during our session right now
02:07:19 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: You are on a role Anna! 🙂
02:07:22 Jenny Watt: Thanks, Anna!! 💜
02:07:29 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 2. What does it solve (what is the pain/lack/desire that you are solving)
02:07:47 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 3. What does it cost
02:08:13 Maja Sabolek: love it 🙂
02:09:09 Elisabeth: So nice to be here❤️
02:09:19 Anna Fastrová: that’s my dream
02:09:48 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Fun, Light, with your spirit team, and with love. Tune in.
02:09:58 Maja Sabolek: ups… I can’t come tomorrow 😢
02:09:59 eliftepebasi: Have to go, love you.
02:11:19 Maja Sabolek: thank you anyway, I got some really great new ideas and insights about myself today 🙏
02:11:41 Elisabeth: I giggle like a little girl when I look at and use my organic essential oils🙂
I believe I will start to sell oils❤️🌸💃❣️
02:13:40 Jenny Watt: 11:11 where I am!!
02:13:49 Elisabeth: Used to be a body terapist for 2 years, that was to hard physical work, but I combine theese to❤️
02:14:23 Genoveva: Can I share the vídeos I made for my previous workshops?
02:14:32 Samantha Carter: Thank you for everything:)
02:15:06 Elisabeth: Today first day here.Will be here tomorrow. thank you.
02:16:40 Maja Sabolek: 🙏❤️
02:16:45 pia: Already jumping too many ideas around in my head 🙈
02:16:50 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: Thank you, Esther and Tasha
02:17:05 Anna Fastrová: todays energyy is really huge
02:17:15 Maja Sabolek: Thank youuuu
02:17:23 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Unmute yourself to say goodbye