Wonderful Selflovepreneur to be


Day Five

Do you find it hard to sell?
Do want to make money but somehow don’t know how to do that?

On the last day of this program, I will help you sell from the 💖 heart, in a completely non-icky kind of way, so that you will make money immediately.

Video: Spirit Business Team Day Five

MEETING CHAT APRIL 1, 2022 (Click to see the chat)

00:01:34 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: Esther, hi, I have a problem with my camera, I can not switch it on. So I will be without picture…
00:01:53 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: Thank you
00:02:20 Stephanye: Gorgeous
00:07:49 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Hi everyone
00:08:07 Jenny Watt: $700/mo
00:08:08 Regina Lovišková: 699€
00:08:11 Brigitte: currently 400 euros
00:08:19 pia: Haven´t had any yet
00:08:44 pia: 2400
00:08:49 Francine: haven’t got it yet, just starting, let say 300 per chair
00:08:55 Katerina Cizkova: 12 000 CZK per day
00:09:12 Katerina Cizkova: divided by 25
00:09:53 Anna Fastrová: is it what I want per month?
00:09:57 Katerina Cizkova: 480 Eur
00:11:11 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 12 X 8,388 /year
00:11:33 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 25,164
00:11:41 Jenny Watt: business confidence coaching program. one part business coaching (12 hours/mo), one part mindset coaching (8 hours/mo), one part tech coaching (4 hours/mo)
00:12:22 Jenny Watt: add amenities that would go with the experience
00:12:32 Stephanye: add sound bath music to the sauna?
00:13:38 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Yes, with wellness products you can sell!
00:13:44 Tasha Wardle: Sauna Experiences love it! Adding Value… The sauna Queen😍
00:15:18 Tasha Wardle: Yes Saskia!!!!
00:17:12 pia: I already see me visiting you for such an experience 😀
00:17:12 Francine: the queen part is already in your name Regina!
00:17:59 Jenny Watt: group
00:18:12 Jenny Watt: sorry screaming child
00:18:14 Anna Fastrová: yeah, Regina, reigns!
00:18:21 Jenny Watt: up to 10
00:19:28 Jenny Watt: consistent at 0 🤣
00:22:47 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 1 chair – 10 hours
00:24:02 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: 1. Recycled materials/ old tradition coming alive
00:24:35 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Workshops
00:24:49 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Become the go to person for one of kind recycling chairs
00:25:41 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: heirlooms
00:26:05 Jenny Watt: love it Francine!
00:26:17 Samantha Carter: it’s original
00:26:17 Jenny Watt: one of a kind. art
00:26:21 simone: For the experience
00:26:26 Stephanye: to preserve their heirloom
00:26:26 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: Memories
00:26:31 Samantha Carter: sustainable
00:26:49 Anna Fastrová: I want to already, but I’m far away… because of your energy put into it
00:27:16 Anna Fastrová: juicy strawbery style
00:27:42 Jenny Watt: I have old trunks I want to refinish for fun. now I’m thinking business!!
00:28:06 Nayeli Lavanderos: You can create fun names for each model of chair
00:28:34 Nayeli Lavanderos: You can create a story around each model
00:28:39 Anna Fastrová: You are like my mother repairing and upgrading every great all thingy…
00:29:48 Francine: thank you all ❤️
00:31:19 Anna Fastrová: Me
00:31:22 pia: Ihm not sure
00:31:49 pia: It’s about having a traumatic birth but not being aware of it?
00:32:20 Tasha Wardle: Wailing?
00:34:28 Tasha Wardle: What are they wailing about? What is making them cry?
00:35:15 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: symptoms are important
00:35:44 Saskia van Ommen – @saskiavanommen: Breakthrough their cycle
00:36:13 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Self sabotage – pattern – satisfaction
00:36:39 simone: They want love security and to feel safe
00:36:59 simone: They would probably fell disconnected
00:37:34 pia: Do they feel like the whole world is against them? Or are they scared of things all the time?
00:37:43 pia: And don´t know why?
00:38:02 Tasha Wardle: And something is making them cry, I am wondering what would they be crying about, whats the trigger in their lives?
00:38:11 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Women 30 entrepreneurs -they can’t get to their next level
00:39:00 Anna Fastrová: victim mindset
00:40:07 pia: Maybe soul instead? Soul purpose?
00:41:45 pia: I actually didn’t even know that word until now (not English native)
00:42:03 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Pia it’s crying like a baby cries
00:42:41 pia: Don´t have a baby 🙈 but I understand better , I guess
00:44:45 Jenny Watt: I can build you a quiz funnel 😁
00:49:15 Anna Fastrová: I can so relate to this, cause I’ve been that kid triggering my mother and I have clients who are concetrated on this theme. One of them asks her soul clients: are you in crisis, are you feeling totally painful, when your baby has so many emotions? I can totally tell you what to do in the moment. You will learn how to deal with this situation forever. And you will build great foundation for relationship with your kids… And heal yourself and transform everything to much happier and fullfilled reality in your life…
00:56:04 Stephanye: thank you so very much @Everyone for all of your help and feedback! I am open to receiving! I appreciate all of your time and energy!!
00:59:59 Jenny Watt: I need someone to remind me to eat and go to bed. 🤣
01:00:26 Stephanye: @Jenny, would you send me a PM on fb at merobin stephon with regards to the quiz? Please and thank you!!
01:00:39 simone: The fairy Godmother of 💇‍♀️
01:00:48 simone: Self care
01:00:49 Jenny Watt: will do!!
01:01:10 Jenny Watt: 💜
01:01:12 Stephanye: love it!!
01:01:22 Samantha Carter: Yup, awesome
01:04:24 Francine: go for it Pia 💪❤️
01:07:00 Stephanye: I see this offer as an international success.
01:07:23 Francine: yes, I see it, a wonderful moving remembrance
01:07:44 Stephanye: I know so many people in the USA who love their pets more than other humans. I think it is a hit!
01:07:47 Tasha Wardle: Pet Starring in its own movie?
01:08:59 Stephanye: are you in the USA?
01:09:15 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: yes!
01:09:40 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: make it some parts with graphic
01:10:00 simone: I like it
01:10:26 Stephanye: Blip Billboard ads would be prime advertising especially in rush hour traffic area, 15 second clips of examples
01:10:33 Tasha Wardle: Its like an arthouse indie film…?
01:11:09 simone: What you are offering is priceless
01:11:28 simone: Because it is a family
01:11:45 Stephanye: yes, yes, yes!!
01:11:51 Francine: definitely present yourself as an artist
01:14:00 Stephanye: My hairdresser just invested $2k for teeth removal for her cat!
01:14:13 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Wow!!
01:14:28 Francine: it’s is about the character of the pets, like Natasha says
01:15:53 simone: They are your soul family they love you unconditionally
01:17:14 Tasha Wardle: @Stephanye whaaattt!!!!! £2K????
01:18:41 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: i
01:18:45 simone: Me
01:19:14 Francine: oeh, that’s difficult, making mistakes
01:20:22 Stephanye: @Tasha, YES!!! I know, 4 teeth!! 5 days of meditation was $134!! craziness
01:21:10 Francine: you are making art, Nayeli, no low prices
01:23:37 Stephanye: since the early 2000’s, large corporations have been offering ‘Pet Insurance’ Target Corporation, American Express, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, great targeting for ats would be ‘C’ suite level executives and then ask for referrals.
01:23:53 Stephanye: *ads
01:26:09 Anna Fastrová: triple the price 😀
01:26:15 pia: At least
01:27:30 simone: That’s terrible 😢
01:33:18 Francine: offer a package of a few sessions
01:34:50 pia: My first feeling was like 250-300€ per session. Or the package version e.g. 10x session for price xyz…
01:36:57 Anna Fastrová: yeah, agree with Natasha, I also do this and goes sometimes much quicker in a group energy The healing is huge… and people sharing
01:38:49 Anna Fastrová: I do quantum and I was afraid about bigger group, but the intentions made my abilities immidietly bigger…
01:40:13 Stephanye: Not tricky, you are selling the experience of the ‘sisterhood’ exiting the victim and entering the transformation on the other side of this traumatic event.
01:40:56 simone: if you did a video group healing you could charge 300 to 500 per person
01:41:22 Anna Fastrová: yeah, agree with Staphanye and Simone
01:41:27 simone: Or do a package
01:42:11 Genoveva: I was laaaate….
01:45:28 Stephanye: I am blown away by the generosity of Esther and Natasha, and even all of the participants, this is a testament of the sisterhood experience on the inside of the program.
01:46:17 Stephanye: Genuine appreciation from the bottom of my heart for this 5 day! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
01:46:51 pia: That’s so true Stephanye! Think that, too! Thanks so much for this week!
01:49:36 Esther de Charon de Saint Germain: Voice for change / become the voice
01:49:44 pia: That’s awesome!
01:50:43 pia: Raise it today!
01:52:10 Stephanye: Ooo, self worth tips? deserving tips? (If there is time)
01:52:54 pia: Yeah!!!!
01:53:10 Stephanye: whoooo-hooooo geneveva!!!!
01:53:10 pia: You’re awesome Genoveva!
01:53:27 Jasmina – Zagreb, Croatia: I am marketer first as of now is our mantra
01:53:44 Stephanye: *☆☆☆☆☆Genoveva☆☆☆☆☆
01:54:34 Genoveva: I am a marketeeeeeer!!!
01:54:48 Stephanye: Check – Guides! Thank you so very much!
01:54:52 Francine: GOOD, Genoveva 🙂
01:57:00 simone: What is the best user friendly website ?
01:58:46 Francine: my mind is a bit tired now ☺️ wonderful days, ladies, thank you Esther and Natasha!!
01:59:08 Genoveva: What about Wix for the website? I have been around it, but never did it yet…
01:59:43 Jenny Watt: I’m doing a free 30 days to promote your business challenge
01:59:58 simone: I am sorry I was not able to do this assignment
02:01:35 Stephanye: Esther YOU ARE PHENOMENAL!! Thank you so very much!!
02:02:51 Francine: yes!
02:03:07 Stephanye: Thank you so very much Natasha!!!