Below the video’s on the Brave Academy we added a few controls, below is listed is how you can use them.⁣

The controls will allow you to add time stamps and comments. You can mark a video as your favorite, bookmark it, and if you have finished watching the video, it will automatically be labeled as finished. ⁣

The time stamps and comments will only show for you, nobody else will see that!
When something in the video is extra important to you, you can add a note about that, as a reminder to your self. You can then add a timestamp where that particular section starts in the video. Then later you can go to the “MY VIDEO” menu at the top of the website and search for that comment, or a Key-Word you added. ⁣

There is also a button to Resume the video. If you have started one of the video’s, but have to leave the page, or have to close down your device, for whatever reason. You can click the Resume button the next time you get back and the video will automatically resume where you left.⁣

The RIGHT side of the buttons is to ADD your time stamps and the LEFT side it so show them

⁣The picture below shows the new added controls, and what they do.



The picture below shows the new “My Videos” menu where all your personal saved timestamps, comments and favorites are stored. And from which you can easily go back. ⁣